Spankings are fun to give out, and on occasion I even enjoy one myself in the height of passion…..but don’t go getting any ideas, you all will NOT be spanking my ass! But spanking is not just for the ass. For some very kinky special pets, they enjoy spankings on other body parts for me.

Warning this blog is not for everyone! Proceed with caution!

Ass Spankings

So first, let’s talk about the basics… ass spanking which is fun and hot and not just in like, omg that’s so hot, but like literally, that ass gets hot to the touch when having been put through some tough spanking! The wonderful transformation a spanking can put that ass through is amazing from the subtle pink to the amazing bright red glowing hot freshly spanked ass MMMMMM.

Cock Spanking

Now this is one for those really horny and kinky guys who enjoy a bit of pain with their pleasure and for them spankings on that cock make them sing not just in pain, but in ecstasy. There is something hot yet twisted about making a man put his cock head through some wooden spoon spanking! Of course, a wooden spoon is not the only tool or toy to give a good spanking to that cock….in fact, look around you now. Bet you see something you could spank yourself with, dontcha?

Ball spankings

Oh, this is another one for the kinky and brave and shouldn’t be done on a whim. Either you’re into it or you’re crossing your legs right now going OUCH…if you’re the second of those, don’t read this! Ball spanking is a form of CBT that I enjoy. No, I do not get too rough or too brutal with it, but when a pet begs to spank his balls for me, well, by all means, I will have him spanking those balls! Tight heavy cum filled balls being spanked and abused and those yelps of pain and pleasure are just too exciting for me to resist.

Spankings are NOT for everyone

Remember spankings are not for everyone, no matter what part of the body you prefer to have those spankings dished out on. If you think you might enjoy it, start out light spankings on yourself and work your way into the full cock and ball spanking experience  I mentioned above. Sometimes the lightest spanking can do the trick so play safe and be sane when it comes to spankings!

I love spankings