You’re a cum eating man now, and you know that it’s true. You’ve finally accepted that you are powerless to your desire to eat cum for me. You’ve already admitted this to me on our calls and in your emails. You can’t control what you’re feeling for me, but I promise to help you control when and where you choose to jerk-off and eat your cum. We both remember how you are a recovering, compulsive masturbator, and we both know that now, this would just lead to you becoming a slut for your cum.

That’s right.  You should think of me as your cum eating Mistress and accept that what I teach you about yourself will help you. You see, I understand what you need and you can, and will, condition yourself to see and hear me whenever you think you need to cum. “What would Constance think?”  Remember that you will not cum without my permission. Because we both know that you need to hear me give you permission to masturbate, to cum and finally for me to allow you to eat up all those wonderful cummies. Look how far you’ve come already with my guidance, you know what I write is true, don’t you?

As a good cum eater, you will never question your Mistress or what she commands of you, even if you find it all quite embarrassing and humiliating. You know that you never touch your cock anymore, because you’re saving those nasty cummies up for a hot webcam session with me. So, you can hear my laughs and mock you for being such a cum eating slut now? And remember if I ask questions of you, you’ll always answer them honestly and without hesitation. Once I understand the whys behind your cum eating compulsion, it’ll make the training more exciting.

So yes, I’m calling you a cum eater, and you may reject that. But do you think you’re only a cum eater when you have cum in your mouth, only at that moment? I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works. Once you’ve gobbled up all that jizz for me, you are officially a cum eater. Think about that every now and then, and let yourself hear all those names that I’ve called you, jizz junkie, cum eater, spooge slut.

You love the shame of having cum breath now and me knowing exactly what you are. As your cum eating Mistress, I promise to use tease and denial to create larger loads for you to swallow. That’s what edging will be for me now, and you’ll even learn to beg for the right to not masturbate, but to make larger cum loads for my amusement.

And lastly, I’ll help you to be less ashamed around my Mistress friends and others. Even if they taunt and humiliate you when we share your cum eating secret with them, you have no reason to be ashamed. These Mistresses have cum eaters just like you, and know the desires cum sluts have. You will share your thoughts with me and them when you are asked or commanded.

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