Well well well look where we are… day 7 of my cocktober stroker challenge and well incase you are still catching up I wont go into yesterdays clips lets just say by now you should be good and fucking horny for me and ready for some more edging!!! If you have not been following this you can start at day one of the challenge here and play catch up.

On Your Knees

For todays stroker challenge I want you on your knees completely naked and ready to get worked up for me. You will also need a bowl of ice cold water by your side. No matter how often you masturbate and how experienced you are as a edger today you will be pushed because you get no fucking breaks from jerking off!

Time to start jerking that cock

Now while on your knees naked I want you to grab that cock and start stroking…..remember no break today so you are just going to have to pace yourself. Use a grip that you can handle without squeezing too hard..now after that cock is rock hard start thrusting your hips and when I say thrusting your hips I mean hard enough to feel those balls sway!

Just when you feel orgasm approaching keep stroking and put your other hand in bowl of ice water….when you feel you cant stroke one more stroke before cumming put that ice cold hand on that cock and just hold it there till the orgasm pushes back down that dick.

Ready for more stroker?

With that now warming ice cold hand on that cock I want you to ease your grip and lay your palm against that cock pushing it against your belly and now  you are going to create a nice hot cock by rubbing your palm up and down that dick creating friction and feeling not only your hand warm up but also that cock. Use your hips along with the rubbing and push against the palm of your hand for even more amazing sensations…..remember you don’t get to cum until I give you permission so when you feel that edge coming on slow down and don’t disappoint me you know how much edging for me makes me very very happy.

I bet you are aching to cum

I have teased and delayed your orgasm now for 7 fucking days and you are aching to shoot that load I know….but ya know what I am not going to let you, not just yet….In fact for all of you following this you need to do all of the assignments again for one more week starting back at day one right up to this day. Keep an eye out on this blog because I may randomly give all my cocktober stroker boys permission to cum before the end of your repeat week!

cocktober stroker challange