Welcome back to the cocktober stroker challenge, this is day 6 and if you missed any of the days start with the cocktober challenge on day one and get caught up. In honor of it being fuckalicious Friday today will be all about fucking and edging…..but not in the traditional sense hehehehe There are some short audio clips mixed in with this post. DO NOT cheat and listen to them first!

Find something to fuck

Not a person or anything like that, but grab one of your favorite pocket pussy or a sex toy you love to stick your dick in and can actually fuck. If you do not have anything grab a plastic baggie, fill it with lube, stick it between two pillows and use that to fuck.

Start fucking whatever it is you chose nice and slow and feel that cum build up, once your cock is rock hard and throbbing start thrusting harder and faster as if I was yelling out to you OHH BABY FUCK ME HARD FUCK ME DEEP FUCK ME FAST!!!!! (Click hear to hear just that)

Once you feel like you’re about to dump that load of cum into your fuckalicous toy STOP and pull out

5 minute cool down

Time to fuck some more

After your little cool down I want you to take a moment and fluff that cock with your hand and get it raging hard again………and once you are throbbing and rock hard lay flat on your stomach either on a bed or a couch or even the floor. Wrap your hand around that cock underneath you and fuck it! Do this picturing my hot wet pussy wrapped around your dick and me moaning about how good that cock feels fucking me (click here to listen to me saying just that) Hold back that cum, remember I control that cock and although this is a bit of extreme edging I decide when you blow!

5 minute cool down

Repeat instructions

I want you to fuck again until your hour is up. When you feel like you’re ready to burst and fill me up with cum you thrust harder and faster..and listen to this to find out if you get to cum.

cocktober stroker challange