I enjoy all types of anal sex play and I especially enjoy anal sex sluts!! One thing that I am amazed by is how creative these anal sex sluts can be when it comes to taking it in the ass for me!!

Anal sex sluts are fun

Now I realize not everyone is into anal play and anal sex may not be for you. Now for some it is intense and exciting, sometimes it can be hard to get into that ass fucking groove or little issues come up that you would never think about. The following two anal sluts of mine made our latest sessions not only fun, but got very creative and thinking outside the box.

Butt Plug modifications

So my sissy slut is one hell of an anal lover and I adore her for it, but as an anal slut and being able to take it deep you sometimes run into issues like she did with one of her anal plugs. So instead of having to worry will that butt plug go all the way up her ass, she modified a handle for her butt plug attaching it to the base which helps give her peace of mind knowing it will never go all the way in. I loved seeing it and how creative anal sex sluts can be when they really want to take it deep!!!

Homemade Fucking machine

Now another one of my anal sex sluts  who we will call “S” got super creative because he found it exhausting to ride his dildo and be able to truly get fucked like he needs to be. So instead of just dealing with it he got super creative and took a Pilates bench and attached his HUGE dildo to it!! Imagine my happiness when I got to see him on web cam on his back and all he had to do was work those legs, and that huge cock was plunging into his horny ass!!! Now that’s how to simulate a strap on fucking by his Mistress lemme tell ya!!!

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