You try to resist the panties

You tell yourself, “I won’t peek today”. Yes, you say you won’t peek at silky panties even as the spring flowers bring out shorter skirts. And every pretty set of legs you see, showing those smooth sexy legs and painted toes, how did that work out for you, panty slut? You think I don’t know that you can’t keep from sneaking a peak just as soon as you get a chance? I’m not naïve, you can’t help yourself. How could you when there’s so many opportunities for a panty pervert like you. You know women like me know exactly what you are, and in fact we Love a good panty cocktease.

 You are addicted to panties

You’re addicted to just the slightest sight of a silky panty line across a heart shaped ass of that co-worker. You crave to have your face buried between those sweet cheeks when she walks back to her cubicle. You burn with lust when that hot cougar walks up the stairs above you. You literally ache when you walk past a lingerie store in the mall and see a sexy woman shopping for their pretty panties so casually. So to sum it up, you’re like all the other addicts. You just can’t help yourself, your hard wired to peek at panties, and well as we know wear your own  panty boy.

 You love wearing panties

I wonder if that woman in the office or standing behind you at the grocery store notices YOUR panty line? How about that sexy Milf that spotted you gazing lustily at the panty selection as you walked thru the department store? You realize she couldn’t have missed your head turn and your walk slow when you thought about slipping into those pink panties conveniently located on the aisle. I bet she can picture you now parading around in a pair of your own.

 You love a panty tease

So here you are again, masturbating reading about erotic humiliation tales about panties while you imagine that cutie in the office in panties that match yours. It thrills me when you ask me so innocently if you can wear panties at the office. Of course I’ll allow you to, panty sneak. Put on your favorite pair and edge for me panty slut. You can tell yourself you won’t peak today, but you’re only lying to yourself. We both know you just have to know if your twins with that sexy work buddy. You’re addicted to being a panty tease slut  and you’ll not change.

panty tease