I love all types of worship but when it comes to foot worship I have a few things I like and a way I prefer it to be done so for any of you foot lovers out there read carefully if you plan to please me by worshiping my feet.

Start Slow with foot worship

I know your eager to please me and want to dive right in and lick and suck on my feet but I want you to start slow, start with a massage a nice easy massage don’t press too hard don’t rub too fast take your time and worship each part of my sexy foot heel-toe and every single spot in between.

Pedicure is a type of worship

After you have spent time massaging my sexy feet now you can move onto giving me a sexy pedicure being sure to use my favorite nail polish a sexy red and do NOT fuck them up there is nothing worse than painted toes that look all sloppy. After those toes are painted than you can spend the next 30 minutes blowing on each sexy toe to dry that polish.

Using your tongue to worship my foot

After the massage and the pedicure this is where you get to finally use that tongue to worship my feet……and by tongue I mean tongue there is no sucking yet! Use your tongue to lick every inch of my foot feel that soft sexy skin against your tongue and yes lick each toe and in between each toe. I love how it feels and I love to look down at you on your knees worshiping and licking my sexy feet.

Sucking those toes

Now you get the part many foot subs love…..sucking each and every sexy toe on both of my feet, suck them in gently swirl your tongue around the and gently suckle each and every sexy painted toe. ahhhhhhh that feels good 🙂

Ready for some foot worship?

If you think you can handle worshiping my sexy feet than reach out to me tell me what part of foot worship you enjoy the most and I will decide if you get to pleasure me with some foot worship phone sex


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