There are many types of cbt some with items from around the house…some with items purchsed just for that purpose and some with my very own body parts…todays post is about a little cbt with my sexy feet

Your cock and balls

I like to have my cbt lovers present those balls for my pleasure perhaps with a cock ring and ball harness or even some well wrapped rubber bands…doesnt matter which we use as long as those balls are presented to me I am happy


First I will start out with my stockings on teasing that cock by dragging my stocking covered foot up and down that shaft feeling it throb and pulse…than slipping my toes under those balls just making thembounce with my toes under them pushing up into them…the moans you make just make me want more

Bare foot

sliding off those stocking in front  of you and then pressing the heel of my bare sexy foot down onto those balls applying just a little more pressure second anfte second…your moans and groans fueling me.

sliding my bare foot up that shaft and pressing down wiggling my foot at the same time I slip the head of that dick between my toes squeezing it tight…this makes you jump and grunt and it makes me chuckle.

Can you handle more

I would spend a great deal of time going from squishing those balls under my bare foot to tapping them with my sexy painted toes…..stepping down on that cock with my bare foot and listening to you whimper with pain and pleasure from cbt.

I could do so much more but the question is can you handle it?


Please remember to play safely and responsiably when it comes to cbt.