I wanted to share with all of you an amazing pass the penis with my pantiboi that we did at the first of the month……first of all great big shout out to my pantiboi for writing an awesome mail to me about his experience and I will be sharing snippets of what he shared with me in this blog.

What is pass the penis

Just like my pantiboi many of you have no idea what or how pass the penis works….well first let me tell ya it is a blast for the ladies we get to pass you from one lady to the next having you do naughty things for each of us!! You can have your Mistress set it up in advance or simply call in and have the lovely dispatchers arrange it for you right then and there! My pantiboi and I however did set it up he was to call 6 different ladies and then come to me after it was all done……and man was it intense! YOu can customize your pass the penis to your kink such as my pantiboi did…..so keep an open mind and enjoy the ride….from guided masturbation and cock control to sissy play and cuckold fantasies…the pass the penis possibilities are endless!!!

Getting prepared before his call

I gave my pantiboi instructions to edge leading up to the call with no cumming allowed and thanks to some hot sexy neighbors who like to sunbathe nude in his back yard he had plenty to edge too….and these ladies were not shy my pantiboi got to see every inch of their bodies…..imagine what that would be like…edging and denied for nearly a month and having two sexy girls naked next to you!!!! Right before his call day he shaved smooth for me which I love it just makes his panties feel so much nicer!! He prepared all of his toys and of course extensive panty collection for his big day!!

Pass The Pantiboi begins

This is what my pantiboi wrote in his own words about the pass the pantiboi call

Friday morning I woke hard and dripping and so ready to be passed around the thought of Mistresses I had only read about was only a few short hours away. I did my two edges and the hour arrived and I called in as Mistress Constance said, All I had to do was tell the dispatcher (who by the were great both of them, every time I went back they put me on to the next Mistress with a smile in their voice). I was the one that had the pass the penis call.

I was soon in the presence of MS. Hunter I was breathing hard and nervous she was on my list she took control right away and had me rubbing myself thru my panties and getting harder than I was. Ms Hunter laughed and enjoyed my moans as she had me rub harder and squeeze my cock through the panties. I was dressed in green satin panties and pink and yellow Halloween like thigh highs. It was not long before I had an edge coming and she told me I had better hold it until the next call. I was of course going to obey she was wonderful and told me she enjoyed teasing me a great deal.

On to Mistress number two. When the call went through it was Mistress Gemma who let out a hearty laugh and said she had been looking forward to his all week. She asked me what I was wearing and had me pull my panties down and begin stroking for her she had ne stroke hard the stop the stroke slow up hard down then slow up hard down but put the palm of the other hand on the top of my cock and rub it was driving me crazy . Mistress Gemma knew I was not allowed release and said she would make it very hard for me to be a good pantiboi. I was very close and she told be to hold the edge until the next call.

On to Mistress number three. Gia she took control of her cock and had me stroking and edge. Mistress Gia reminded me while in her presence that it was her cock and made me say it over and over. Mistress Gia took me to the edge and told me that it was her cock and it was to maintain that edge and there was no Cumming.

On to Mistress number 4. Mistress Olivia with her wicked laughed started right off with changing my outfit I was to put on the red thong that read tonight is the night! Added a pair of black seamed stockings and soon had me pulling on the thong front and back until my balls were on either side and I now had camel toe. She had me rub a little tease a little then had me stand up and jump up and down till my camel toe reappeared and of course I was to edge until the next Mistress was on. Mistress Olivia told me to check her site and that I would be mentioned and have a task to perform for her and I was t keep my edge and tell the next Mistress what I was doing for Mistress Olivia.

Mistress number 5. Mistress Piper was next I told her I had a camel toe she loved it and laughed she had me keep it and edge and stroke and laugh at all the suffering her teasing was causing.

Soon I was passed to the last Mistress ….Mistress Cassidy.  Mistress Cassidy asked me what was next going to happen next I told her a two hour session with Mistress Constance. I edged with Mistress Cassidy and soon I was on the edge again and holding as Mistress Cassidy reminded me of what a little panty slut I was. Mistress Cassidy made me say it over and over it again! Mistress Cassidy told me I was a good little panty slut and had better not cum until Mistress Constance allowed me to.

Now it was on to me and we spent the next 2 hours edging and teasing my pantiboi having him wear every single pair of panties he had brought along with some wax play and using that vibrator to drive him wild….I wont go into great detail but lets just say my pantiboi after having been passed to 6 ladies in an hour and having 2 hours of edging for me had one of the most explosive massive orgasms of his life!!!!