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Cuckold Mistress Constance

Lately I have had many many sessions with men exploring their cuckold cream pie eating fantasies….and if you know anything about me at all you know I love these types of phone sex sessions!!!!

Big Cocks= Large Loads of Cum

I have found in my time of being a size queen and only fucking men with big cocks that their loads of cum and bigger than the average cock….this is perfect for those cuckolds who love to eat cream pies!!!

There is nothing like looking down between your legs to see a cuckold eagerly licking and slurping your lovers huge cum load from my pussy…..and I am always surprised at just how much cum there is….and for my cuckolds they could not be happier!!

Multiple Loads of Cum

Lately it seems my cuckold calls have involved multiple men in their fantasies…meaning I take several cocks in one session and the cuckolds eat every single load out of my freshly fucked pussy!! I love this and can actually see several cuckold men I know enjoying every second of their cuckold clean up duties!!!!

Making clean up messier

I have decided to grow all my pubic hair back in so that I have a nice hairy bush….and the reason I am doing this is I recently met someone who is enjoying being cuckold by me and my partner….but I think he has it too easy when it comes to clean up duty….so to make things a bit messier for him I am growing a full on bush….it is not so easy cleaning cum from my pussy when that cum is clinging to my pubic hair now is it? hehehehehehe

Now I will let you know how this goes because it has been a long times since I have had more than just a patch of hair above my pussy lips….but I can say this just growing it back in and thinking about him having more cum clean up duties has motivated me to give it a try for at least a full month!!!!