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This is a chastity interview with andy from ruffled sheets he saw my twitter and decided since he is such a huge fan of chastity and orgasm control he would do the interview. I think you will all find something interesting in his answers I know I sure did!

Are you locked in a chastity device right now?

Yes! It’s a steel, spiral device I’ve had for a few months now: It is on my site  I have a few steel devices but this is my favorite so far.

Is most of your chastity play real, or fantasy?

Can I say both? It’s definitely real so technically it’s no longer a fantasy, but I still fantasize about it all the time even though it’s reality now. I always fantasize about going longer each time, for example and about how I’d feel after, say, a year without orgasm.

When you considered giving orgasm control over to someone did it excite you or frighten you?

I need to say both, again! It was probably 90% excitement, 10% fear. There was always the possibility that I’d never be released, no matter how small, which was always in the back of my mind when I thought about giving up control. That was a little scary. The rest was pure excitement. I remember planning how I would broach the subject with my other half. Going through it in my head over and over. It’s exciting even thinking about it now!

Do you currently have a key holder?

Yes. My other half is my key holder. She keeps one set of keys on her and there’s a spare set in a plastic lockbox at home in a safe place. The lockbox has a combination that only she knows. She can give it to me in an emergency but we haven’t had to use it yet. We live together so it’s easy for her to unlock and relock me whenever she so chooses. Not to mention easy for her to keep an eye on me!

How would you describe your ideal Key holder?

For me, my perfect key holder would have similar goals to me. She’d be a huge tease, but strict and wouldn’t cave in, even if I begged for an orgasm. Deep down, I always want to stay chaste but when I’m being teased I often temporarily want to release. My ideal key holder would know that even though I might want to release at that exact moment, in the long run I don’t want to and wouldn’t allow it. My ideal key holder would also enjoy keeping me chaste and teasing me as much as I enjoy being teased. She’d like nothing more than pushing me further than I thought I could ever go. We’d both try to go as long as possible, together. Chastity would be an experience and a journey that we’d both enjoy.

How many chastity devices have you purchased?

Six, so far… My first was the polycarbonate Curve device: My second was the Silicone Bon4:  which can both be seen on my site I have four steel devices. My favorite is the Spiral that I’m wearing right now. It’s comfortable, looks fantastic and there’s no breaking out of it! That said, I’m always on the lookout for more. I’m currently looking at the Mature Metal range as I’d like a completely bespoke, custom fitted device. I just need to choose which one. They all look beautiful!

Ever consider complete and permanent chastity with no hope of release?

All the time… I think it’s probably something anyone who enjoys chastity thinks about on a regular basis. There’s a constant state of arousal that you feel when chaste that increases over time. You receive diminishing returns the longer you are chaste, but feelings of arousal and sexual energy still increase slowly. because of this, you’re always thinking “What if I carried on forever…?”

Was there a specific point in your life when you suddenly realized that chastity was the way to go and what was that event?

Yes. Although I can’t remember my exact age, I was in my mid twenties. Teasing, orgasm denial, chastity had all been fantasies for a while but I’d never really gone any further. Like most, I used to just fantasize about them and that was that. I’d never really abstained from orgasm for longer than a day or so. I enjoyed the idea of being denied, but that was enough, initially. I didn’t need to actually experience it. Like all fantasies though, soon I wanted more. I eventually decided to abstain from orgasm for two weeks. It wasn’t easy, but it felt amazing! I couldn’t believe how good it felt after the difficult first few days. It was then that I realized “I actually have to do this.”

What is the longest time period you have ever gone between orgasms?

45 days. I know it’s not that long, particularly when compared to some of the guys who comment on your blog, but I’m working on it! It’s not my decision, you see, and my other half enjoys watching me orgasm. After 45 days I was ready to carry on and on, but it’s not for me to decide, which I’m happy with. A major part of chastity is the loss of control, even if it means being made to orgasm sooner than I might want. Typically, I orgasm every 3 to 4 weeks but my goal is to reduce that to every 3 to 4 months. Wish me luck!

When you aren’t locked up, do you practice orgasm denial?

Always! I still masturbate of course, when I’m unlocked, but I never orgasm. To be honest, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the last time I reached orgasm on my own. It’s only ever with my partner. Chastity using a device is wonderful, but there are times when teasing can be more fun when unlocked, providing you both have enough self discipline! I also have to unlock regularly as I play lots of sports that wouldn’t be possible in a device. During these times though I just unlock, play, shower then relock.

When you are alone and masturbating, what percentage of the time would you say you think or fantasize about chastity?

100%. It’s impossible not too when your goal is to reach the edge of orgasm and not actually release. Having said that, I guess I tend to fantasize more about ‘tease and denial’ than I do about pure chastity. Usually I fantasize about being teased and edged over and over and imagine that I’ve already gone months without release.

What did it feel like the first time be be locked and realize you can no longer touch your penis whenever you wanted to?

Wonderful! I remember buying my first device online and receiving it in the post. I’d already spoken to my other half At this point and we’d agreed to buy one. I remember working from home so I could accept the delivery and being so excited to try it out. I was actually so excited at the time that I couldn’t put it on at first…! It was my Curve, a polycarbonate device that’s solid and allows for no touching or stimulation. I tried it on and loved it. It had been something I’d desired for so long, I couldn’t believe I finally owned my own device. Trying it on was only the first part, though. Actually locking it in place and handing over the key is something different altogether. For me, it was fulfilling a long held fantasy. I remember feeling excited that I was finally there but also relaxed, knowing that I no longer had to worry about self discipline in order to stay chaste.

It did feel strange, knowing I no longer had even basic access to my penis. Aside from masturbation, there were lots of times when i was used to feeling different sensations on my penis but now don’t experience anything. There are the obvious activities like showering and going to the bathroom but there are the not so obvious activities too. A simple thing like putting on underwear feels completely different. I didn’t realize how I was so used to feeling the material gently slide over my penis and how good it felt! Being locked in a device doesn’t just deny you of orgasms and becoming erect, it denies you of almost all other sensations too, which you realize pretty quickly the first time you become locked! Of course you can buy devices that allow for a certain amount of stimulation. Silicone devices, for example, transmit touch very effectively and allow the user to feel almost everything when wearing them. For me though, I prefer to be locked in something more rigid as it all adds to the fun.

Something else that I didn’t realize before I first became locked is how my mind automatically became focused on my key holder whenever I became aroused. If someone is unlocked, even if they’re abstaining, they can become erect and fantasize about whatever or whoever they want to, very easily. When they’re locked, whenever they become remotely aroused, they instantly feel their device clamped around their penis which reminds them of their key holder. It makes fantasizing about anyone or anything else impossible! If you keep someone locked and hold their keys, you’ll be the only one they can think about, whether they like it or not…!

How does it feel to not know when you will be granted an orgasm?

First and foremost, it’s exciting! There are a whole host of other emotions involved, though, emotions that I wouldn’t perhaps have thought about, initially. For example, it feels comforting to know that someone cares enough about me to take control. It’s also relaxing to know I no longer need to worry or even think about my own release. Ironically, it’s also a huge turn on… But that just makes it more fun. There are inevitably plateaus and times when I might feel I’ve had enough but these always pass. I know deep down I want to go longer and further. Ultimately the pleasure I receive far outweighs anything else I may feel from time to time.

This interview was very in depth and I think fascinating if you want to know more about andy you can check him out on his blog where he reviews sex toys and of course chastity devices at

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