I love tiny little men, they are just so cute you cant help but to love them, and because of their size it is so very easy to use them in ways you simply can not use a normal sized man. My experience with giantess phone sex calls has been varied and unique each one enjoying a different aspect of this fetish and I wanted so share with all of you about a few of my favorites!

Tiny Ass Worship

Ohhh this wee little man loves Giant woman and their incredible asses…in fact he lives to be passed from one giantess asshole to the next…He loves the idea of a 100 ft woman  coming to his home town and invading it taking him in their giant hands and then using him as a toy! I love to laugh at him as I stuff him deep in my ass giving him instructions to worship my ass licking it from the inside out…his tiny little body fits in my ass easily and feels so good better then any sex toy because this little man can wiggle around and dance inside my ass and it always gives me a tickle. I have even shared him with the other femdom giants from LDW and we have spent many times passing him around from one giantess asshole to the next giggling and laughing about how much fun it is to have him tucked so deep inside.

Cum eating Tiny man

I have to share with you this very special tiny man….you see I am very much a normal sized woman but he loves the idea of being a shrunken man who gets down to an inch or two…I love when he is shrunken and feels helpless against me it is so easy to manipulate his tiny little body and use him for whatever I wish to do. I love to hear him begging in that tiny squeaky voice ohh please mistress don’t hurt me, I always get a good laugh out of that!  This tiny little man likes things a bit different.  He enjoys being, well there is no other way to describe his needs other then cuckold…you see he wants to be put onto the tip of my lovers cock just before he slips it inside me, he holds on for dear life to the head of my lovers big  mushroom capped cock clinging for dear life as he slips into me feeling himself surrounded by my hot wet pussy, being pulled out covered in my juices gasping for air, only to be shoved right back into that pussy over and over again. When it is time for my lover to cum he always pulls out shaking the little man off his cock and squirting his hot load all over him…but you see this tiny man is so little that my lovers cum turns out to be more of a river to him and the only way he can survive is to eat his cum!  I laugh and giggle as he struggles in the river of cum filling his belly begging for help!! I just remind him that if he eats enough cum he will survive…my little man does whatever he can just to be able to breath so he eats and eats and eats….mmmmm nice twist to a cuckold fantasy.

Tiny little pet

Ohhh and if I am talking about little people and giantess fantasies I really must tell you about my little pet He is tiny and likes to hide in single womens houses only to be captured and scooped up into our giantess hands. I found him on one occasion when I got up in the middle of the night for water and you should have heard my sequels of glee when i first laid eyes on him..but he was frightened and tried to run away so I did my best in a cooing soothing voice to convince him I would not hurt him that I only wanted to play with him and keep him safe and warm as my sweet little pet, he is tricky and as soon as you turn your back on him he will try to run away…but I always catch him so he eventually gives up trying to get away. I love to show these little people just how good it can be with his giantess goddess taking care of him, stripping him of all his clothes and rubbing his tiny little dick between my fingers….ohh he always lets out a little sequel and moan as I rub and caress his tiny little member! As I guide him to an orgasm he wiggles and squirms not sure if I will hurt him or make him feel so very very good. I try to assure him as I am stroking his tiny cock that I wont hurt him all I want is to keep him forever playing with his tiny little body and making him feel so very very good and when he shoots hit tiny little load he lets out a loud high pitched howl it is so dang cute it makes me want to do it again and again to him.  So in order to keep him from running away I like to put him into a glass aquarium to keep him safe and to keep him forever as my pet!

Giantess Fantasy is it for you?

So now that you have read about just three of my favorite tiny men and how I love to be their Giantess is it for you? Do you find anything exciting about being so small that a dominate woman who knows what she is doing can use your entire body as a sex toy? Is the idea of being pleased by a giant woman and serving her forever appealing to you? Or do you have a spin off of this type of fantasy you always wanted to explore but just thought it was to silly to even mention? I love all aspects of being a giantess and if any of this appeals to you I urge you to do a Giantess phone sex session, you will be amazed and shocked at just how erotic and sexy this can be.

Empress Constance