I totally get into my calls and even more so when your phone sex call involves a hot role play!

One particular caller of mine adores how I dive right into his roleplay phone sex  fantasies and bring them to life…Me being his hot sexy soon to be wife and him begging me to cuckold him once were married ! Being his sweet innocent fiance  I of course resit the idea and tell him I love him too much to be that type of wife to him…..But he insists that nothing will change and this is what he wants soo badly needs and wants. After weeks of nagging and insisting and me running the idea though my head over and over I begin to get spiteful about it….and pissed…I have decided to give my man just what he wants…But on MY terms!

Our wedding day had arrived and passed and right after the reception we were on a plane to Tahiti…upon arrival we both decide to soak in the sun before getting any rest trying to adjust to the time change…we head down to the bar…me in my hot pink bikini with a wrap around my waist and high heel sandals….he grabs my ass as we hit the lobby and tells me he cant wait to seal the deal and have his new bride in his bed! I giggled and said ohh honey we have all the time in the world for that….just wait for later.

Once at the bar I began to drink the tropical fruity specialty rum drinks and get all buzzed up….the hot tropical weather the sun on my skin and the rum warming my insides I find myself staring at the hot Tahitian bartender his dark skin glistened when the sun hit it…he wore a tight hotel logo tank top and shorts…and I began to flirt with him telling how lucky he was to be able to work in next to nothing….and he got my vibe and said right back….ahhh I do feel lucky working here but more so because I get to look at the hot sexy barley dressed women like you all day long…My body reacted to his comment and my mind began racing….My husband watched this not believing I was flirting with that guy right in front of him….on the first day of our Honeymoon!! He hustled me out of there but not before I slipped my new handsome friend a note.

Shortly after arriving back at our hotel room and after enjoying a nice hot shower there was a knock at the door….my husband now in the shower I answered it wearing nothing but a robe….To my sheer joy it was the handsome sexy bartender..I of course invite him in this is all part of my plan to give my husband just what he wanted!!

I was in the middle of sucking this sexy bartenders hard cock when my husband walked in and saw me….He started to say what the hell when i slipped my mouth off this studs cock and said You wanted to be a cuckold husband and so now you are…just sit and watch!!! I went back to my lovers thick dark dick sucking it deep, the whole time watching my husbands eyes and how he could not keep his hand off his cock! My new lover picks me up and lays me on the bed spreading my long legs wide….rubbing my wet pussy lips with the head of his cock he tells my husband how nice it is for him to let him have his new wife before HE has even had her!!!

My Husband moaned when my new lovers cock slid in….saying how humiliating it was to not get my pussy first but instead having to watch this stud who is much larger then my husbands small cock get it first spreading it wide and filling it deep!! I Snapped at my husband and said “THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING WANTED…ME BEING YOUR SLUT WIFE….THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET!!”

So as you can see I love getting into my roleplay phone sex calls….being a sensual femdom is my calling in life…but being a bitch about it is a true pleasure!!!

Ready for your one on one Phone Sex Call with me your new obsession? Then don’t wait call today!!

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