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Pass The Penis Sissy Style!

What is Pass the Penis? This is a game we Mistresses love to play….the caller calls in and purchases a block of time (as much as you like) and then gets passed around from lady to lady to be played with and toyed with. How much time you spend all together is up to you just like how much time you spend with each lady is up to you. You can hand pick the ladies ahead of time or ask our lovely dispatchers to just surprise you. If you do an hour of pass the penis and do 10 minutes with each lady that is 6 different ladies that get to tease and deny and even torment you! Sounds like fun right? Try it and you will see it is amazing!!!! . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis Sissy Style!

Hot new Stroker Boy for Mistress

I am a huge fan of guys who like to stroke their dicks for me and my newest stroker boy was such a treat! The best types of stroker boys are those with some self control, those who when told to stop touching do so immediately no matter how badly they want to . . . → Read More: Hot new Stroker Boy for Mistress

FemDom Get Together and Teasing Our Waiter

Well many of you knew that I was going to visit with Ms Ally again and have been dying to know just how that went, well not only did I see Ms Ally I also got to meet Ms Tia, Ms Carmen and Ms Hannah! Wow talk about hotness! You have no idea just how hot these femdom ladies truly are!! OK well maybe some of you do hehehehe

Well when I arrived everyone was out on the patio by the pool, looking stunning and even more amazing then their pictures! WOW! We spent the better part of the afternoon discussing this and that but for some reason our conversations always went back to sex hmmmm wonder why? We shared how we loved teasing and denying men…and making them beg for our attention and for some sort of release…in fact I know a few boys who are begging for some release right now! Continue reading FemDom Get Together and Teasing Our Waiter

Cock Teasing Tuesday is Here!!

Hello Stroker Boys!

 This is your lovely and ohh so wicked Mistress Constance!!   And I have decided today is the perfect day for tease and denial phone sex….why you ask? Well it is Tuesday!! Tease You Tuesday  to be exact!!

OK all my Horny men it is Time for your Tease session to begin….Start . . . → Read More: Cock Teasing Tuesday is Here!!

Teasing and Denying~ My Style

So I have been here a few weeks now and having a blast!! I have found such an amazing group of very diverse people that makes it so much fun! And the Phone Sex Sessions just keep getting hotter!!

With that said I want to share my style of teasesing and denying.. I have . . . → Read More: Teasing and Denying~ My Style