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Tease and Denial Makes your Phone Sex Mistress Hot

To make a man hard and horny for me is not just a thrill but it is also a huge turn on….to hear in a mans voice the desire he has or to even see it on his face or well in his pants makes me wet and want more. . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial Makes Your Phone Sex Mistress Hot

Your Phone Sex Mistress Has some New Cock Control Clients

In the last month I have had the pure pleasure of bringing a few new cock control boys into my fold. I wanted to just take a moment to mention them and let everyone know how much I enjoy bringing those in need of cock control into my sexy world! . . . → Read More: Your Phone Sex Mistress Has Some New Cock Control Clients

My New Stroker Pet~The Big Finish

I own this cock….you look at me eyes wide you what? I stroke slowly and I can see the need in your eyes and I say you heard me I OWN THIS COCK and I stop pumping …you quickly says yes yes you own this cock…..good stroker I say and begin stroking you again… . . . → Read More: My New Stroker Pet~The Big Finish

My New Stroker Pet~Part 4

I once again go down between your legs only this time I press myself into your balls you can feel my wet pussy right against them and you attempt to grind against me and start to beg please baby please I need you please ride my cock…..I laugh and say ohhh baby do you want to fuck a pussy? . . . → Read More: My New Stroker Pet~Part 4

Pass The Penis Sissy Style!

What is Pass the Penis? This is a game we Mistresses love to play….the caller calls in and purchases a block of time (as much as you like) and then gets passed around from lady to lady to be played with and toyed with. How much time you spend all together is up to you just like how much time you spend with each lady is up to you. You can hand pick the ladies ahead of time or ask our lovely dispatchers to just surprise you. If you do an hour of pass the penis and do 10 minutes with each lady that is 6 different ladies that get to tease and deny and even torment you! Sounds like fun right? Try it and you will see it is amazing!!!! . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis Sissy Style!