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Happy Hump Day Everyone! Here is my latest ask Mistress post with your questions and my answers/opinions to them. If you want to ask me anything please feel free to do so by using my Ask Mistress tab right here on my blog

Dear Mistress: What would you prefer long term chastity or short . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress

MY ask Mistress a day late…whoopsies

HI Everyone and happy hum….whoops I am a day late so we are over the hump of the week heheheh my bad! Well here it is my ask Mistress post for you all to enjoy and don’t forget if you are going to submit a question do so by using the Ask Ms. Constance . . . → Read More: MY ask Mistress a day late…whoopsies

Hump Day Ask Mistress

Here we are again on a happy humping day and my weekly Ask Mistress post. I am just about out of questions. I think I have enough left for one more blog, which might be fitting since it will be my last Ask Mistress of the year. If you want this blog to keep . . . → Read More: Hump Day Ask Mistress

Ask Mistress is Back

I am sure you were all missing my post last week for my weekly Ask Mistress questions and I apologize for missing it, but my day went sideways. So here I am once again answering the questions you all sent in to me. If you would like to submit your own question, remembering to . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress is Back

Ask Mistress is Back with my Answers to your Questions

Happy Hump Day and Happy day before turkey day everyone! I know last week I didn’t post my Ask Mistress on my blog here, but I was out of the house dealing with some things….no, not fun nor sexy, but it did involve peckers hahahahaha. So here they are. Enjoy them and remember, if . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress is Back with my Answers to your Questions