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The power of 0

I know many are of you are wondering what power does the numberĀ 0 have? Well from a denied mans perspective it has a ton of power Read on to see what I am talking about

Denied and wanting to cum

There is always that time in a denial period for a man where he . . . → Read More: The power of 0

Pussy Power

Do you know what pussy power is? Have you ever experienced a woman who knew how to harness her pussy power and use it for her own needs and desires? Ahhhhh let me share with you what the power of a pussy can do to a horny man.

Pussy power defined

Pussy power is . . . → Read More: Pussy Power

Masturbation in Moderation

Since it is Masturbation May I thought what better topic to talk about than well Masturbating. Of course I am in the business of helping you get off by masturbating but there is such a thing as too much.

Masturbation in Moderation

So you love to jerk that dick and cum who wouldn’t? I . . . → Read More: Masturbation in Moderation

Masturbation without orgasm

Many of you know that it is very possible to masturbate without orgasm and have a rewarding side effect………….you stay horny! Not having an orgasm keeps you in the kinky mind set and keeps you horny and on edge so to speak much longer.

Once you cum that ends the fun

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A Ruined Orgasm is better than none

This past week I had a lot of fun with ruined orgasm play and it was a week full of them and those happy to have them. So I thought this is a perfect topic for a blog and how a ruined orgasm is better than none at all.

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