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Hand Humping during the Hurricane

I woke up this morning seeing the news about hurricane Harvey and what a cunt he is to those poor people over in Texas. I know all too well about storms living in Florida, so I am thinking of you all. I also know several of my fans live in Texas so I do . . . → Read More: Hand Humping during the Hurricane

Cocktober stroker challenge day 7

Well well well look where we are… day 7 of my cocktober stroker challenge and well incase you are still catching up I wont go into yesterdays clips lets just say by now you should be good and fucking horny for me and ready for some more edging!!! If you have not been following . . . → Read More: Cocktober stroker challenge day 7

A week of Tease and Denial and Edging!!

I had a really great week of teasing and denying a young hot college guy, he came to me for daily instructions to edge his cock but not allow any release until the weekend. I was all too happy to send him instructions and deny him and it turned out to be even more fun than I expected. I will give you the details of what I had him do and then I will share his thoughts on the week. . . . → Read More: A week of Tease and Denial and Edging!!

Edging for His Mistress

I have this very sweet stroker boy who just loves to masturbate for his mistress, he has spent many many hours pulling and tugging on his cock while moaning my name and I have even watched him do this on many occasions! I never guarantee release with my stroker boys instead they just edge . . . → Read More: Edging for His Mistress