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Hand Humping during the Hurricane

I woke up this morning seeing the news about hurricane Harvey and what a cunt he is to those poor people over in Texas. I know all too well about storms living in Florida, so I am thinking of you all. I also know several of my fans live in Texas so I do . . . → Read More: Hand Humping during the Hurricane

Humping Masturbation

Well the title says it all folks. Humping Masturbation is a thing I know because I make guys hump all the time. Why do I do this? Well because it is fun and a tad humiliating but more important it is fun.

Hand Humping Masturbation

Now this one is easy you just lay on . . . → Read More: Humping Masturbation

Masturbation without orgasm

Many of you know that it is very possible to masturbate without orgasm and have a rewarding side effect………….you stay horny! Not having an orgasm keeps you in the kinky mind set and keeps you horny and on edge so to speak much longer.

Once you cum that ends the fun

I cant even . . . → Read More: Masturbation without orgasm

CockControl what makes you crave it

So I woke up this morning thinking how much I love to be a cock control Mistress and how many guys come to me for it. Than I thought I wonder what it is that makes men crave it? So I am asking all of you what makes you crave CockControl?

When did you . . . → Read More: CockControl what makes you crave it

It’s cumming, will you be?

Happy Saturday everyone! Today just happens to be my 7 year anniversary date with LDW…I took my very first phone sex call here on this day 7 years ago! Wooo hooooooooooo! I have never looked back and have loved every minute if it and will continue to in the future!

What’s cumming?

Now back . . . → Read More: It’s cumming, will you be?