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CockTober Contest update

Hey hey hey my Cocktober is going great hope you all are having an awesome month too!!!!! I wanted to take a few minutes to give you all an update on the contest status since we are at the mid way point in the month.

So much kinky phone sex

One thing I wanted . . . → Read More: CockTober Contest update

Cocktober contest

Well welcome to cocktober or locktober as some of you might be locked up hehehe. I don’t often run contests but I decided to go ahead and run one for the entire month of cocktober! Everyone is welcome to join in this cocktober contest so don’t be shy!

How do you participate

Well this . . . → Read More: Cocktober contest

The Haunted Kink House continues

Ms. Kaylee has led you to this room dimly lit by candles and you have begun the almost impossible task of edging in the never ending wall of pocket pussies… are thrusting and pumping into each tight rubber pussy 20 times hoping the next will be the one that lets you escape this room and suddenly on your 19th thrust into your 50th pocket pussy the door begins to open…. . . . → Read More: The Haunted Kink House continues

Party in the Adult Chat room and Live on Cock Radio

Happy Cocktober Everyone!!!!!! Tomorrow night October 20th from 8-10 pm you get two sexy hours of Cock Radio with Ms Hunter and I to help celebrate Cocktober!!!!! . . . → Read More: Party in the Adult Chat room and Live on Cock Radio