Cock Radio


The following hours are my basic hours where you can find me online and on for calls…..if for some reason you do not see me just mail me and I will respond quickly.

Effective 2018 I will be off on Tuesdays unless we set something up ahead of time. Please note this means I wont even be answering e-mails

you can typically  find me on early afternoon to early evenings

Saturday and Sunday my hours vary depending on my social calendar so please just look for me online or send me a mail if you would like to do a session.

If you would like to talk outside of these hours simply mail me and request an appointment…I will respond quickly to set it up.

If you do not see me on but would like to know if I can take your call simply call 1-800-356-6169 and ask the sexy dispatcher to please call me to see if I can be available for you.