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End of the Year Kink Korner

Hey there, everyone. I hope you’re all having an awesome holiday season and enjoying some holiday cheer and fun! As I mentioned on last weeks Kink Korner I will be doing an end of the year Kink Korner wrap up show tomorrow night at 8 pm on Cock Radio.

What I Will Be Wrapping . . . → Read More: End of the Year Kink Korner

Sexy Podcast Fun Every Wednesday Night

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I wanted to remind all of you who are not always around that every Wednesday I do my weekly Kink Korner podcast. I go live at 8 pm and the chat room is open during the show, so be sure to join me. Oh, but it is not just me . . . → Read More: Sexy Podcast Fun Every Wednesday Night

Coerced Orgasm, So Much Fun

So many of you know I love orgasm denial and keeping your balls blue. I also enjoy having control and sometimes my control can lead to a coerced orgasm.

Playtime with Pet

I had an amazing session with my sweet blue balled pet the other day that involved some cbt and wax dripping, as . . . → Read More: Coerced Orgasm, So Much Fun

Random Brrrr Thoughts

So it is another downright chilly day here in Florida, and I was like man I need to share some of this random stuff in my brain.

First of all, I was just up in Philly over Thanksgiving, and that was real fucking cold.

I am still a pussy when it comes to the . . . → Read More: Random Brrrr Thoughts

Denied Pussy for 4 Years

So here I am again shouting out to my sissy cuckold chastity princess. This coming week marks 4 years since he was inside a pussy. I stopped letting him even be inside his wife’s pussy when his (cough cough) dick which I refer to as a clit now began to shrink. I mean really . . . → Read More: Denied Pussy for 4 Years