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Name That Sexy Toy!

So recently I had my sissy slut cuckold buy a new bigger dildo to fuck that sissy ass with. I figured if this slut wanted to be fucked by men I would fuck that it was time to increase the size of their dildo. Of course, this slut ran out and bought a nice . . . → Read More: Name That Sexy Toy!

15 Free with Me and Well Everyone

HI, everyone, I am backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! I had a great trip up north and although I am exhausted I will be on tomorrow to help celebrate our anniversary month and with it being the last day of it Ms. Ally, of course, has something awesome for you…see details below. I will be on most of the . . . → Read More: 15 Free with Me and Well Everyone

Away for the Holiday

Hi, all just a super quick update….for those of you who don’t already know I am leaving for the next 9 days for the holiday.

I am road tripping it to Philly my hometown for turkey day, woo hooooooooooooo.

I will return I hope to the phones on Nov 30th so look for me!

Have . . . → Read More: Away for the Holiday

Sex Toys and Travel: Share Your Bloopers

So I was in session the other day with a great slut and Ms. Hunter, and the slut was on a trip and had to travel. We started to discuss toys and such, and this trip the slut had to go shopping because she didn’t want to go through what happened on her last . . . → Read More: Sex Toys and Travel: Share Your Bloopers

15 Minutes on the 15th for Our 15th

Confusing title isn’t it? Hahahaha I like fucking with you all! As if you didn’t already hear it all over I am gonna share it right here on my blog. Ms. Ally once again is giving it away….phone sex that is.

15 years

We have been in business for 15 years and let me . . . → Read More: 15 Minutes on the 15th for Our 15th