Cock Radio

Are you finding it hard….

no no no not your dick silly! Have you been finding it hard to connect with me when I am logged in for calls? That is the questions because lets face it you should be hard when thinking of me!

Life is hectic

Right now I have several things that keep pulling me away . . . → Read More: Are you finding it hard….

Random thoughts…you’re welcome hahaha

I have not done a random thoughts blog in a while….I went out last night hang with friends and I have a few random thoughts about that as well as other randomness LOL enjoy

I wonder how many of the men in the bar I was at last night were wearing panties? I bet . . . → Read More: Random thoughts…you’re welcome hahaha

Cock Sucking Confession

I have to tell you that I so love what I do. One of the reasons is how I have built up real long lasting relationships with callers. What blows my mind and thrills me is, after years of talking to someone, having them spill a cock sucking confession. Oh, yes, this horny stroker . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Confession

Sissy Panties

Today we will be discussing sissy panties and how I require all my sissy girls that have given me full control to be in sissy panties every single day with very few exceptions.

Sissy Panties are a must

When you turn yourself over to me and become MY sissy girl well I expect certain . . . → Read More: Sissy Panties

Pain Slut Makes yummy noises for me

So I am many things to many people. Some of you I am your cock controller and some your feminization Mistress. Oh and to this one very horny pain slut I am his pain Mistress. He loves inflicting pain under my guidance and man I love those yummy noises he makes!

Pain slut loves . . . → Read More: Pain Slut Makes yummy noises for me