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This Blog: Please Read

Some of you have asked me why I have not posted on my blog in sometime when in fact I post several times a month. So I thought I should explain why you may be seeing old posts. In fact, I will keep this pinned at the top of the blog for everyone to . . . → Read More: This Blog: Please Read

Hot Wax Play Drip…Drip….Drip

Dripping of that hot wax onto a set of tied up balls makes me happy and apparently it makes my pet giggle and laugh, which of course, makes me laugh! I have said this before but I have never met a pain slut who giggled when being put through the paces.

I am there

We love . . . → Read More: Hot Wax Play Drip…Drip….Drip

You Might be a Pain Slut If…………

I just got off the phone with my pain slut and I thought, hmmmmm wonder if the guys even realize they are pain sluts? So below are several things that might indicate you are indeed a pain slut.

You might be a pain slut if…the thought of my knee ramming into your balls gives . . . → Read More: You Might be a Pain Slut If…………

Could it be I am turning into a Pain Mistress??

A recent session has me thinking wow maybe I do enjoy a bit of pain inflicting more so than I ever thought I would! I have always said I am not the mean mistress type and that the whole pain aspect of domination simply is not a turn on…….but I am rethinking that because the session I had with “B” turned me on invigorated me and well was plain old hot!!!! . . . → Read More: Could it be I am turning into a Pain Mistress??