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300 days of limp dick

Well today I want to share with you all about my limp dicked sissy cuckold. He has been locked in chastity for some time and well for the last 300 days he has not had an erection which makes my record books of 300 days of limp umm in his case clit hahaha

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Orgasm Denial and you

First let me say I am on for calls but for how long nobody knows so get me while the getting is good. Now on to todays topic of Orgasm Denial and you. What I mean by this title is I want to know what orgasm denial does to you specifically.

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Cock stroking instructions day 4

Well here we are at your 4th set of cock stroking and orgasm edging instructions….notice how I said edging that’s because you are not to cum these instructions are designed just to keep you horny and aching. Now todays instructions may not be for everyone but keep and open mind and give them a . . . → Read More: Cock stroking instructions day 4

20 Orgasm Questions

Yes, here I am again asking questions! This has turned into a fun thing for me so why not keep it going. You all seem to be enjoying these posts as well so fuck it. If you have any suggestions as to what the next 20 questions topic should be, leave it in with . . . → Read More: 20 Orgasm Questions

This Blog: Please Read

Some of you have asked me why I have not posted on my blog in sometime when in fact I post several times a month. So I thought I should explain why you may be seeing old posts. In fact, I will keep this pinned at the top of the blog for everyone to . . . → Read More: This Blog: Please Read