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Random Masturbation May Thoughts

It has been a minute since I have shared one of my random thoughts blogs so I thought today would be perfect for that…..and with it being Masturbation May and all why not have that be the topic! So here it goes

How many men are masturbating right now?

How many are cuming right . . . → Read More: Random Masturbation May Thoughts

Masturbation in Moderation

Since it is Masturbation May I thought what better topic to talk about than well Masturbating. Of course I am in the business of helping you get off by masturbating but there is such a thing as too much.

Masturbation in Moderation

So you love to jerk that dick and cum who wouldn’t? I . . . → Read More: Masturbation in Moderation

Planning for some fun things

Hi there everyone just a quick blog post today to let you all know we have some plans happening for some fun things for May! Of course may being Masturbation May we must truly celebrate

We are planning a couple of Masturbation May fun things for you all to participate so keep an eye . . . → Read More: Planning for some fun things