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Giantess phone sex is so much fun

I am a fan of many phone sex fantasies and one of the more unique ones is a Giantess fantasy phone sex call. There are many types of Giantess play that guys enjoy and below are just a few of them

Shrinking a man

In this fun Giantess shrinking fantasy the man is shrunk . . . → Read More: Giantess phone sex is so much fun

Some of the Fun Phone Sex I enjoy

Please feel free to share with me either here in a comment to this blog or by e-mail what you enjoy about these types of phone sex or the types that you enjoy exploring. Remember just because you do not see it written on here it does NOT mean I am not into it….all you have to do is ask! . . . → Read More: Some of the Fun Phone Sex I enjoy

Giantess and the little men

I love tiny little men, they are just so cute you cant help but to love them, and because of their size it is so very easy to use them in ways you simply can not use a normal sized man. My experience with giantess phone sex calls has been varied and unique each . . . → Read More: Giantess and the little men

Fun Giantess Phone Sex

Hey there everyone!! Well I wanted to share with you a really fun phone sex call I had yesterday morning…..for all you giantess lovers you may enjoy this new spin on things I know I sure did!!!

It first started out with my new little people sending me an e-mail wanting to know if . . . → Read More: Fun Giantess Phone Sex

Fun Giantess Phone Sex

Ohhhhh how I love the little ones…..You know who I mean right? The tiny little men the ones that look like little itsy bitsy toys!! Ohhh and I adore using little men like toys!! Standing above them my Tall body hovering over them looking down I love to giggle at their size and make . . . → Read More: Fun Giantess Phone Sex