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This Blog: Please Read

Some of you have asked me why I have not posted on my blog in sometime when in fact I post several times a month. So I thought I should explain why you may be seeing old posts. In fact, I will keep this pinned at the top of the blog for everyone to . . . → Read More: This Blog: Please Read

cock suckers journey from fantasy to reality

I have been talking to someone for a bit now and when we first started to do sessions he told me about his fantasy of sucking cock. How the thought of a hard cock in his mouth consumed his daily thoughts. I of course love hearing your fantasies but this one took it to . . . → Read More: cock suckers journey from fantasy to reality

Cock Sucking Confession

I have to tell you that I so love what I do. One of the reasons is how I have built up real long lasting relationships with callers. What blows my mind and thrills me is, after years of talking to someone, having them spill a cock sucking confession. Oh, yes, this horny stroker . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Confession

Sissy Slut appearance and duties

So my sissy slut cuckold suggested I write a blog about the duties of a sissy slut along with their attire and what is expected of them as far as how they look…excellent topic so here it is

sissy  body

This stars with the basics….a sissy slut should have smooth skin which means hair . . . → Read More: Sissy Slut appearance and duties

Sissy CockSucking Dream

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a session with Ms. Erika and my sissy chrissy and after we were done all the naughty fun Chrissy told us about a dream she had….one she finally remembered for a change. It seems I was in it and there was a lot of sissy cock . . . → Read More: Sissy CockSucking Dream