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This Blog: Please Read

Some of you have asked me why I have not posted on my blog in sometime when in fact I post several times a month. So I thought I should explain why you may be seeing old posts. In fact I will keep this pinned at the top of the blog for everyone to . . . → Read More: This Blog: Please Read

CBT Started My New Year of Fun Phone Sex

Happy New Year everyone! I trust this finds you all well and over the holidays by now…and if you’re not well I suppose you are fucked. Hahaha, kidding. My First day of the new year was kicked off by some fun cbt phone sex!

First Call of 2018

My blue balled pet wanted to . . . → Read More: CBT Started My New Year of Fun Phone Sex

Coerced Orgasm, So Much Fun

So many of you know I love orgasm denial and keeping your balls blue. I also enjoy having control and sometimes my control can lead to a coerced orgasm.

Playtime with Pet

I had an amazing session with my sweet blue balled pet the other day that involved some cbt and wax dripping, as . . . → Read More: Coerced Orgasm, So Much Fun

Pain Slut Makes yummy noises for me

So I am many things to many people. Some of you I am your cock controller and some your feminization Mistress. Oh and to this one very horny pain slut I am his pain Mistress. He loves inflicting pain under my guidance and man I love those yummy noises he makes!

Pain slut loves . . . → Read More: Pain Slut Makes yummy noises for me

Hot Wax Play Drip…Drip….Drip

Dripping of that hot wax onto a set of tied up balls makes me happy and apparently it makes my pet giggle and laugh, which of course, makes me laugh! I have said this before but I have never met a pain slut who giggled when being put through the paces.

I am there

We love . . . → Read More: Hot Wax Play Drip…Drip….Drip