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Thanksgiving is coming

I am working on my yearly thanksgiving day poem which I will share with all of you hopefully tomorrow night during my kink korner show. I have done silly poems almost every major holiday since I started here and this year is no exception.

I doubt it will be as silly as previous years . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving is coming

Happy Halloween

Hey Hey Hey Everyoe Happy Halloweenie to you all!!!! I just wanted to post a fast update to tell you all the things we have going on.

All day party in world

The ladies of second life have an all day Halloween party happening and tonight at 7 pm eastern there will be a . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween

The spooky spanking room

Welcome to the next stop in the Haunted Hotel Halloween blog train you just came from Ms Kellies here

You have made your way to the room and when you slip your key into the door and open it, you are hit in the face with the scent of leather. You step inside and . . . → Read More: The spooky spanking room

Pumpkin Pumper

Are you wondering what this blog is about?? Hahahahaha well take a wild guess….Pumpkin pumper?? If you guessed I had my puppet fuck a pumpkin on a call for me than you would be correct!!!!

Pumpkins are fun

Like most harder fruits/veggies pumpkins can be fun for fucking. What is more fun, fucking your . . . → Read More: Pumpkin Pumper

Happy Valentines Day and winner from my drawing

HI everyone and Happy Valentines day to you al! I hope you all enjoy a smile and some warm fuzzy feelings about someone at some point during your day!

Valentines day is totally a commercial holiday but so what celebrate it any old ways. You don’t have to spend money but you can still . . . → Read More: Happy Valentines Day and winner from my drawing