This is where you can hear my audios…things I have recorded for you all to enjoy that are posted in either the tesemania forum or the sissy school forum Enjoy!!! And if you have any audio suggestions or things you would love to hear me talk about feel free to leave a comment or contact me and let me know!

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New Audios added!!

Cock Mocking

Exposed to another Mistress
Ball Busting Poem
Lubed Cock
Stroker wannabe Cock Sucker
Sissy Affirmation
Goddess in Jeans
Getting Lucky
Pantie Boy Punishment
Cuckold Cum Slut for Life
Fun with Stroker Boy
Stroking Edging Denial
First Time Callers
Thigh Highs with a Garter Belt
Teased by a Woman
Stroking in Public
SPH (small penis Humiliation)
Spanking Ass
Exposed Pantie Boy
Do you stroke at work?
Cuckold Cock Sucker
Ass Worship
The art of Edging
Mutual Masturbation

Anal Sluts

Stroker Boys / Teasing
Are You addicted to me?
Moan for me
Tight jeans
I control your cock
Hearing you
Happy birthday
Baby Oil
Teasing Tuesday
My Style
Wanking at Work
Your Favorite sex toy Guys
Stroker boy woke up horny
Edging is it for you?
Blue Balls
No Touching
Good Boy
Wet Dicks
Web Cam Fun
Edging Assignment
 Whatsyour kink?
Stroker Instructions
Being Denied
Horny stroker at work~1
Horny stroker at work~2
Moan My Name
Pump For Me
New Skin Tight Jeans
Your Cum is like the Holy Grail
Description of a Cumming Cock
A Month No Stroking

Pretty Sissy
Sweet Sissy birthday Surprise for me
How do you prepare
Dress your Mistress
How does it make you feel?
Sissy cheer
Sissy Check List
Your Favorite Sex Toy Girls
Cross Dressing Men
Cum Eating Sissy
Sexy Nails
Sexy Sissy
First Panties
Caught By Nurse in Panties
Sissy In Distress 1
Sissy In Distress 2
Sissy In Distress 3
Sissy In Distress 4
Perfect Pleasing Sissy
Sissy Maid
Sissy New Year
Crossdressing Men
Caught in Panties
What size do you like?
Valentines Nightie
Bathroom Conversation with Hunter and Constance
Village Nancy Boy
Your not a Man your a Girl
Your Style of Panties
Strap On Slut Sabrina
What Size toy/cock  is right for you
Dirty Slut
What makes you feel Instanly girly
Sissy Girl or Sissy Slut?
So you want to be a Girl?
Naughty Panties
New Sissy
Wearing Panties To Earn Strokes
Slutty Panties
Helpless Sissy~1
Helpless Sissy~2

What Type of cuckold are you?
Cream Pie Guy
His Cuckold Life begins
Cock Sucking Cuckold
New Cuckold ~1
New Cuckold ~2
New Cuckold ~3
New Cuckold ~4
New Cuckold ~5
New Cuckold ~6
A Real Man ~ 1
A Real Man ~ 2
A Real Man ~ 3
A Real Man ~ 4
A Real Man ~ 5
A Real Man ~6 
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~1
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~2
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~3
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~4   
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~5    
A Twist to a Cuckold Fantasy~6
New Nightie

Your a cuckold Not a Real Man

She Fucked My Wife
My Perfect Cuckold

Pretty feet
Foot Boy
Foot Lover
Chocolate Toes

Tiny Dick
Limp Dick
Small Dicks
Tiny Dicklette
Cum Piggy
Tiny Dickey
Humiliated Hubby
Tranny Porn Star~1
Tranny Porn Star~2
Tranny Porn Star~3
Tranny Porn Star~4
Tranny Porn Star~5

Her Strap On
Cum Eating Cock Sucker

Things I Am Thankful For
Merry Christmas from Constance

Dear Santa

Valentines Day Treat