Hey there all I know it has been some time since I wrote an actual blog that was not just an update on if I am taking calls. So I have been racking my brain on what my first blog should be about and as you can see I want to talk about us reconnecting with kinky things.

Absence makes the kink get stronger?

While I was away dealing with personal things did your kink get stronger? Or do you think it may have fizzled out a bit? Be honest with me and yourself when  you answer this question. I can only imagine how without hands on daily contact in one way or another how it might make things fizzle and fade for you.

Took your kink on the road

Have some of you who called me for kinky sessions taken your kink on the road so to speak….ya know went to another source for you kink needs? I can understand if you have and wouldn’t blame you I mean after all I have been less than stellar in the kink department these days.  The good news for all of you is I am finding my mojo again so the kink is returning.

Saving all your kink for me

Ha I just sang it like the song “saving al your love for me” so in my absence have you just being saving all your kink for me? Anxiously and very patiently waiting for my return to the kink side of things? Well good news I am back! The kink is coming back and I say no more saving lets have some kinky fun ASAP!

kinky funw ith constance