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Orgasm Denial and you

First let me say I am on for calls but for how long nobody knows so get me while the getting is good. Now on to todays topic of Orgasm Denial and you. What I mean by this title is I want to know what orgasm denial does to you specifically.

Does it make you desperate

When you have been denied by someone or just because of life’s circumstances does it make you desperate and hornier? Are you more likely to do anything just to feel the rush of an orgasm?

Does it make you more devoted

Does your orgasm denial make you more devoted to the things in your life like loved ones or work? Do you find yourself with extra time on your hands and able to be more present with those around you?

Does it make you cranky

Are you the type of guy when denied you get cranky and miserable? Snapping at people for no reason and overreacting to things simply because you have not drained those balls?

Do you get depressed

When you have been denied for a length of time do you find yourself being more depressed feeling empty and longing for that brief moment of pleasure an orgasm would bring you?

Does orgasm denial make you happy

Are you the type of denial guy that just gets happier the longer he is denied? Do you get a thrill hearing NO  when you ask to cum and it puts you on cloud nine to be denied the pleasure of an orgasm?

Time to share

Now the above emotions are not the only ones associated with orgasm denial so please feel free to share your thoughts on orgasm denial and what it does to you when you are not allowed to cum.

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4 comments to Orgasm Denial and you

  • Sissy April Nicole

    If i don’t cum eventually i may cum in my sleep and you?

  • princess

    It makes me all of the above….but mostly allows me to concentrate on serving you better…

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I do not focus on my pleasure or orgasms any more i would rather please a woman than be pleased

  • jp

    Does it make me desperate? Yes! It certainly becomes almost all I can think about.

    Does it make me more devoted? No, I’d like to think not. I think I’m naturally devoted to certain people and denial may be a part of that but it doesn’t affect how I feel about them.

    Does it make me cranky? Uhm, maybe I shouldn’t answer this one? lol. I’d like to say no but it probably does make me moody and I don’t notice it.

    Does it make me depressed? I think if it goes on long enough, too far outside of my comfort zone, then yes it can do that.

    Does it make me happy? Within reason, yes! I DO love to hear “NO!” it turns me on more than anything. If it lasts too long I start to feel like I’m being punished though. 🙁

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