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300 days of limp dick

Well today I want to share with you all about my limp dicked sissy cuckold. He has been locked in chastity for some time and well for the last 300 days he has not had an erection which makes my record books of 300 days of limp umm in his case clit hahaha

Chastity keeps him from getting stiff

He is not only locked in chastity but he is in the smallest chastity device mature metal can make in fact they have adjusted the size a few times to make it smaller. They even told him they cant make it any smaller. There is zero chance of an erection in the tiny device and that’s just how I like it.

cbt to keep it limp

There has been an occasion here or there in the last 300 days where he has had to unlock to put on a plastic device. Oh a NEW pink tiny plastic device at that! So when he does need to do this I have him slap that clit with a ruler to ensure that it will not grow once outside the cage. Guess what it has worked like a charm!

NO erections and NO orgasms

So because of the chastity and the bit of cbt when he does need to change cages he has had no erections. He has stayed limp and denied orgasms and this is just how I want him to remain. Our goal is a year of locked and denied and he is almost there. I couldn’t be more proud of my sissy cuckold fuck slut!


2 comments to 300 days of limp dick

  • princess

    I am humbled by your words (and by my pathetic limp & locked clitty) and honored to serve….I have only one question…..What happens when i get to 365?

    • princess

      BTW……..that caption is hauntingly beautiful and powerful….those eyes, that face, those words……….it’s like you’re talking to me, owning me, emasculating and controlling me right through the laptop…I am in awe of you Goddess!

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