Cock Radio

Today I am on for calls

In just a short bit I will be logged in and taking your calls make sure to keep me busy and catch me while you can.

Need to catch up with me….call

Need to jerk off for me…

Need to be spanked by me….call

Need to be denied by me….call

Need to be fucked . . . → Read More: Today I am on for calls

Do you Miss me?

I have been pretty much off the radar the last several days and I bet you al are like what the fuck is going on? Wellllllllllllll I wish I could tell you I been on a kinky cruise fucking random sluts with strap ons and making multiple men suck dick for me…but sadly this . . . → Read More: Do you Miss me?

Cock stroking instructions day 4

Well here we are at your 4th set of cock stroking and orgasm edging instructions….notice how I said edging that’s because you are not to cum these instructions are designed just to keep you horny and aching. Now todays instructions may not be for everyone but keep and open mind and give them a . . . → Read More: Cock stroking instructions day 4

Didja know?

I am enjoying listening to last nights Mistress and the Tramp show with Ms Hunter and Ms Erika ( who is filling in for the tramp) and it occurred to me some of you subscribe to the cock radio blog but for those of you who are not…didja know that you can listen to . . . → Read More: Didja know?

Cock stroking instructions day 3

I have been posting cock stroking and edging instructions for you all to follow. Remember we are still doing the you are not allowed to touch your bare cock with your bare hand! This means no flesh on flesh tugging and pulling and just tons of horny frustration!

Furniture fucking

Today we shall focus . . . → Read More: Cock stroking instructions day 3