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Signs you might be being cuckolded

So some of you cuckolding fans are hot for the idea of your woman cuckolding you with other men. Some of you are tiny in the penis area and imagine her being taken by a well hung stud…and others just get off on knowing another man is enjoying your ladies sweet pussy. So here are some signs that your lady might be cuckolding you.

She is no longer interested in sex

She hasn’t wanted sex from you in some time. The only time she seems to even care about sex with you is during holidays or anniversaries where she feels obligated to spread her legs. Well think about this if she isn’t getting it from you she is getting it from somewhere!

She feels loose

So lets say she does want to fuck you but when you do slip your dick in she seems loose and stretched some. Now mind you a vagina is designed to increase in size to accommodate a pussy and it will go back to normal…BUT if she is taking a huge thick cock daily her pussy will be stretched and not nearly as tight. If you fall out or slip in and cant feel her much I bet she is taking a big cock and we both know it is not yours!


Does your lady get random calls and text messages but never tells you who they are from? Is she laying in bed next to you on her phone typing away? I bet she and her lover are discussing a recent hook up or planning the next one.

Runs to the shower

When she gets home from work or running errands or out with the girls she runs for the shower…..she probably is doing that to wash the traces of cum from  her lover off of her body!


9 comments to Signs you might be being cuckolded

  • Peter

    Excelent Ms Constance, I’d say that with any of these signs, even if we are not being cuckolded yet, we are a potential cuckold and we should encourage our wives to go on.
    After noticing my wife was not interested in sex anymore, we’ve talked and together we decided to try the cuckolding lifestyle.
    In the beginning, she was shy and afraid to hurt me, so she used to run to the shower after dates. We still used to have sex sometimes and I could feel she was getting looser.
    Nowadays, as her official cuckold, I’m locked in chastity, I clean her after her dates and her schedulle is not hidden from me.

  • Marlowe

    Goddess Constance guided me to being a cuckold, I can’t thank her enough.

  • princess

    check …check…check…and check ( i may be a cuckold!)

  • Mistress Constance,

    Fantastic list, and I bet the naughty cuckies reading this blog are crying about her taking a shower ! No no, NOooooooo they want to scream let me clean that cream pie , please please! ha ha ha ! Oh cuckie, sweetie you need creamies too? Well the only creamies you get for now on are ones you suck, your dicklette is staying locked!

  • michael

    I think it is natural for guys to want to be “the guy” or “the man” even since boyhood. You want a girl to see you and say “Wow” or “Nice” or the best would be “Ooh he’s so big”. You just want to hear that or things like that. But when you don’t you sort of get the message – even if the girl says nothing (it is almost worse if she says nothing). Some of the ones I have heard were “Awww” (that kills you. I don’t even think girls realize). Another is “Awww he’s sweet”. I think maybe the worst I heard was when a girl said nothing when she saw but just asked me if I had “ever measured myself”. I had of course like a thousand times but I sort of acted like I never had. It just goes through your mind – why did she ask me that!

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