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Situational Sissy

So recently a horny denied locked up slut mailed mad and mentioned how when I was away, he was unlocked and his desire to be femme or sissy had gone away….he said he believes he is a situational sissy and I thought hmmm what a great blog topic.

Situational Sissy Explained

Now I am sure there are many different opinions about what makes someone a situational sissy or just what it is. I will share my thoughts as to what I think they are. A situational sissy is only a sissy when in an extreme state of arousal. This could be from chastity or denial or any other thing that makes them super horny. A situational sissy has no desire to be dressed en femme outside of those extreme needy horny moments.

A Sissy All the Time

Now as you have read here on my blog a sissy is someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes of being feminine and girlie. Every chance they get they are slipping into something sexy and slutty. Your desire to be feminine and do slutty things like suck cock are not conditional on your level of arousal, in fact, thinking about doing those things is what arouses you.

You Can’t Be Fem All the Time

Just because you can’t wear your sissy panties and lingerie all the time does not make you a situational sissy. As long as the desire to want to be in them and experience the world as a sissy is there all the time you are a true blue sissy. If your desire to be sissy only happens when you are extremely turned on, then you might just be a situational sissy.

Which Sissy Type Are You?

So share with me are you a situational type of sissy or a true blue sissy through and through?

situational sissy

11 comments to Situational Sissy

  • Mistress Constance,

    Love this topic! It is amazing, entertaining and fun what we can get a guy to do, say or “be” when their arousal is through the roof! *GIGGLE* Simply amazing.

    You do have a good point , delving into the nuances of ability and desire to differentiate a true blue sissy from a situational sissy.

    Great blog, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • princess

    You’re so right….while i can’t be a sissy all the time (due to practical real world considerations) I virtually always have on at least a pair of panties, often a camisole and whatever sissy clothes i can get away with! Truly, if i could i would love to be in sissy attire ALL the time……..In fact in my last trip to the mall, i stopped in Victoria Secret and marveled at all the sexy things on display…..wondering how i would look in them…..not to mention the holiday dresses in store window i wish i could wear!…..VIVA SISSIES!

    • Constance

      yes you are a sissy period and although you can explore it all day every day it is very much a part of the way you think and thats what makes you a real sissy

  • Yes,the desire to be feminine can definitely be situational especially in an aroused state.Maybe,it is the other way around.Perhaps,only in state of arousal does the need to be feminine occur.So,be who you are may mean.Admit you are a hetrosexual male .At times one may need to experience their feminine side.The other thing that is interesting-do most men when in arousal become submissive just because they adore the opposite sex.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m a situational sissy as I do dress up when I get home. It’s great way to end day as I love how women’s clothes fit and feel on me. Honestly I’d love to wear them all the time especially my d cup breast forms with my bra/leggings withy knee high boots/yoga pants with my ankle boots along with turtleneck women’s sweater/smelling in perfumes/lipstick/lotions and eve wearing one of my wigs which I want to start wearing. On the bright spot I’ve been going out dressed every Friday seeing my masseuse and its thrill as she’s supportive of this and said I have perfect build along with her telling me she wants to barrow my dresses/tops. This past Friday she put foundation/blush/lipstick on me took pictures with her phone and said I need to accept who I am and have become and I agreed with her as she can hit send anytime she wants and have be one her cream puff girl.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am a situational sissy

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Thank you Constance on twitter I am AprilsissyNicole April cause month i got of the house dressed Nicole middle name Nicky doesn’t cut it.Feminization items send me over the edge sissy .First time smoked weed and drank champagne new years eve party put ballons under my Hawian shirt and danced with a lot of girls .When i got home at 5 am i put on a pair of pantys a lady gave me at a birthday party after i ate her pussy. In November.Mary Jane has feminization qualities along with dates and yams and various other herbals Dates put me over the edge this time

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