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New Years Important Changes

Well, we are on the eve of a New Year and I have some important changes for you all, so please take note. I plan to be here and having lots of kinky phone sex with you all. I hope more than I have been in the past several months, so that’s a great thing!

New Wish List Address

Effective immediately the address you send gifts to me and other ladies has changed. Don’t worry, anything you have sent out will still get to the lady you sent it too but going forward please use the new address for all gifts. If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up.

LDW Group, Inc.
Attention: (Mistress you are sending it too’s name) Please note do not put Mistress, Goddess, Enchantrix, or anything like that. Just use her NAME ONLY.
18 Maple Ave
Barrington, RI, 02806

Taking Tuesdays off

Effective immediately I will be taking every Tuesday off from everything including e-mails. You can still mail me and such but please do not expect a reply until Wednesday. I will make exceptions to Tuesdays off at my discretion for previously set up appointments and such. So if you want to do a session on a Tuesday contact me no later than the Monday before by 5 pm eastern. There also may be times I will log in on a Tuesday but that is not to be expected.
You may also see things like tweets and Tumblr posts go out on a Tuesday, but that will be because I scheduled them ahead of time. Please understand I realize how much you all love having me around to answer your emails and such every day, even when I am not logged in for calls, but this is a change I need to make for me and my life.
Wishing you and yours and even myself a better happier New Year!

7 comments to New Years Important Changes

  • Goddess Mandy

    Happy New Year, Ms. Constance! That’s so great to hear that you’re going to be around more than you have been lately. We know that all of your wonderful clients will be elated to hear this news! 🙂 But what is EVEN better in my mind is that you are taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do for YOU!!!

  • bfla

    Happy New Year and happy kinky adventures in 2018. Anyone who talks to you on Wednesdays will be in for a hot time with you all rested up and rejuvenated!

  • princess

    Happy New Years Goddess! (use of Goddess NOT on a package)….ANd Tuesday’s off?….To the tune of the Momas and Papas….”But whenever Tuesday comes, You can find me crying all of the time. Tuesday , Tuesday , can’t trust that day”…..Lol , enjoy your day off!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    The Mommas & Papas would be shocked if they knew that their song would be referred to in this kind of Lifestyle. Momma Cass would sit on your face. Michelle Phillips would paddle you behind.

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