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Sex Toys and Travel: Share Your Bloopers

So I was in session the other day with a great slut and Ms. Hunter, and the slut was on a trip and had to travel. We started to discuss toys and such, and this trip the slut had to go shopping because she didn’t want to go through what happened on her last big trip. I am sure you’re wondering oh my what happened? Well, I will leave it up to the slut to comment and tell you herself.

Traveling with sex toys

So have you traveled with sexy toys or anything kinky? How did you pack? Were you checked at security? I want you all to share your adventures in traveling with sexy toys and what if anything happened.

Tips for traveling with kinky toys

I don’t travel much these days but I think the one major tip I would share is to just own it. Don’t be freaked out about a dildo or vibrator being found just won it. Smile and wink even. The less you act like you are freaked out the less likely they are to even give it another thought. Do you kinky travelers have any tips for traveling with sex toys?

Wonder what the TSA agents think

I often wonder what the TSA agents who scan your luggage and such think when they see sex toys. I know they probably have seen some wild things pass through. So if you are or know anyone who happens to be a TSA agent ask them or share with us. I have to imagine it is like doctors in the ER they have seen it all and don’t think much of such things.


10 comments to Sex Toys and Travel: Share Your Bloopers

  • Chrissy

    A couple trips ago i was traveling to a place where i was going to have lots of time and opportunity fo get dressed and be slutty so i packed all my favorite plugs and dildos in my slutcase (some of which were rather large). When i got to the tickeg counter i put my slutcase on the scale as usual but instead of the agent putting on the conveyer she told me i would have to take it over to a new scanning area for luggage. I put it on the conveyor and watched it go through the xray machine, stop, come back, go through again,stop, come back and go through again. At that point the tsa guy called over acouple more people and they all looked at the monitor and started having a discussion whike i was sweating bullets. Finally, they smiled, one ofmthem looked at me and said “ok, you`re good to go! That’s why i never pack toys anymore!

  • Mistress Amber

    One thing is definitely true: LDW Mistresses have heard it all and TSA agents have seen it all. I’m sure they sit in the airport lounge later and laugh their asses off telling stories. So many of my callers are nervous to travel with toys, but every guy on business can find a grocery store once he lands. That’s alot of cucumbers in butts!

  • princess

    I haven’t gone through airport security with sex toys……but i have traveled with a plastic cb6000s (s for short). I suppose i would just wouldn’t bring the toys carry on….check them instead. Toys aren’t banned (at least on domestic flights) so why not? I would probably take out batteries so they don’t look suspicious. Bottom line……..whatever Mistress desires is how i would proceed πŸ™‚

    • princess, (s for short) thanks for making me laugh! Enjoy your day. I wonder if you have a plastic plug in if you’ll get extra screening?

      No sex toy stories for me, but once I was bringing back sausage and peppers in my carry on……my bag did a belt dance like Chrissy’s with multiple eyes on the screen…………. EEEEEK! LOL

    • Constance

      no they are not banned at all but it can be embarrassing even with checked luggage when they inspect it over and over hahahahaha

  • bfla

    You know most, if not all, of mine. Of course yes I used to travel all the time with my β€œnaughty kit” β€” panties, pocket pussy, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, even a dildo and a blowup doll sometimes. Road trips were always good for hotel room fun. Our first play call was from a hotel room. I only remember one time where there was any problem β€” the overzealous TSA guy at LAX. Boy was he surprised. Or jealous. Told him it was gag gifts for a bachelor party. Not fun! I always wondered what the housekeeping staff thought…

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