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Are you wondering what this blog is about?? Hahahahaha well take a wild guess….Pumpkin pumper?? If you guessed I had my puppet fuck a pumpkin on a call for me than you would be correct!!!!

Pumpkins are fun

Like most harder fruits/veggies pumpkins can be fun for fucking. What is more fun, fucking your plain boring fist or fucking a wet juicy pumpkin? Oh I guess it would be hard for you to answer that if you never fucked a pumpkin before hahahaha. Take my word for it they are fucking fun!

Prepare the pumpkin

First of all, buy a pumpkin that won’t just break when you thrust your dick into it. Also don’t buy one too big either. You want to be able to manage the fucker so don’t go huge! Core out a hole in the pumpkin just like you would a cantaloupe or other fruit. Core out a hole big enough for your cock. Be sure not to make it too tight or you may get irritated with all the pumpkin pumping you will be doing.

It can get messy

Yes, think about the inside of a pumpkin and how gooey and sticky they are. Well guess what,  fucking a pumpkin can get messy so like any type of messy fun prep the area for easy clean up after.

I made him ask for it

It was not enough that he bought and prepared this pumpkin for fucking..oh no….I made him ask for it, beg for it! I wanted him to let me know just how horny he was by saying over and over “Oh Mistress can I please fuck this pumpkin for you?” After a few rounds of that how could I deny this horny pet what he so badly wanted!

What I loved

So listening to this pumpkin pumper stick his dick in and moan  he was balls deep, just had me laughing my ass off. Once he got in the rhythm of fucking he was moaning “oh Mistress I’m fucking a pumpkin…oh Mistress I’m fucking a pumpkin….oh Mistress I’m fucking a pumpkin” I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy putting this puppet through the pumpkin pumping paces.

Think out side the box

So the next time you are super horny and at the grocery store take a look around. Think outside the box for new fun exciting ways to spice up your masturbation routine. Perhaps you will want to be my next pumpkin pumper hahahahaha

By Evan Swigart from Chicago, USA - Pumpkin 2, CC BY 2.0,



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