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How I react and see world events (non kink)

So more tragic news this morning in our country and our world. I thought now might be a great time to explain why I do or well don’t do certain things. Also how I deal with things according to how I see it.

I wont indulge

This goes for just about anything you can imagine when it comes to our world. I wont indulge politic talk, tragedy talk, Society talk. I don’t really feel I should have to explain this but perhaps some of you need to hear it.

Life sucks sometimes okay point blank! I have my share of very serious life ending issues in my every day personal life that have consumed my days and nights. No my problems are not unique many in the world are dealing with them but in my world they are all consuming and I simply do not wish to add to the sadness I already have happening.

This is my escape

Yes although this is how I earn my living this is very much an escape from the rest of the world including my personal world. I come into my office close the door and focus on fun and laughter and sexy times. I was born to be in this world of kink and fun and I refuse to let other world issues fuck with that.

Yes of course I care

No matter what you might think about how I handle the personal arguments about the world and issues with others on social media…I do care. I also choose to express how I feel about such things through other ways like with friends /family not here in my escape world in my happy place in my kink land.

You are not telling me anything I don’t know

So please don’t try to personally educate me on the world issues and tragedies……I know them I am informed….I simply choose not to indulge in them here. To have someone try what they think is make me have an opinion or a feeling and share it on social media or anywhere is insulting and infuriating…respect my right not to indulge and don’t treat me as if I am an idiot and uninformed.

Is what I am doing healthy

Some may say my refusal to indulge and express my feelings on such things is unhealthy and that me hiding behind laughter and kink is not a healthy way to deal with issues………..well I say to that fuck you who are YOU to tell me how I should handle things. I choose to escape a few hours a day into my kink fun world so that I can function in my messed up tragic life. This is what keeps me going….the fun I have on calls is my happy place….fun people and laughter is what makes my days worth waking up for. So think about that before you act shocked I have no reaction to something….think about what I do in my every day world outside of this kink world and how hard life is before you pass judgment on me and my lack of reaction.

With all that said and my rant over

Let me just say my heart goes out to anyone suffering, anyone hurt, anyone lost. Those who know me the best know where my heart is and just how big of a one I have.

13 comments to How I react and see world events (non kink)

  • I am sitting right next to you on this topic, Ms. Constance. Therapists are for processing; I/We are for relieving stress/encouraging fantasies/allowing (or not) orgasms/etc.

    Thank you for speaking out. You are wonderful to do so.

  • princess

    Okay…i get….I’ll stop complaining about being locked in chastity 🙂

  • Ms Constance,

    I agree with you! This is my work and play time! But just because I am not raging against the machine in social media (which is largely fruitless, IMO) I do things in my everyday life to improve the world. Helping my community become stronger, helping neighbors and friends! I speak out, locally and IN PERSON against those things I want to see changed.

  • Bob K

    Good morning mistress. Bravo on this post. What you do with your life is your business, no one else’s. People who feel they have the right to judge you and the way you deal with your stress need to remember that old statement. “ Judge lest ye be judged “. I agree with the comment you made about people dealing with there stress there own way. I am one of the people who suffers in silence with my stress from two deployments I feel it’s no ones business but my own as to how I deal with things. I applaud you for this post, and think anyone who feels they should tell you how to feel or do with your life what they expect or the status quo. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. Like I’ve said before Your the most wonderful person I’ve never met. Please continue being you. To steal a line from Toy Story “you’ve got a friend in me”. Have a wonderful day.

  • *standing ovation*

    Agreed! And I manage in much the same way. I may slip a Tumblr post or Tweet in here and there that betrays My stance on social and political issues, but for the most part, I try to keep this world and that world separate. I don’t feel the need to “perform” My values for anyone, and besides, self-care is important for all of U/s, and everyone needs a place to escape the realities of life for a while.

    Brava, I say.

  • bfla

    We talked about this one. I understand this completely. Everyone has their time and place for things in their life, and if this is your fun and kinky escape then everyone needs to respect that. Besides you’re so good at the fun and kinky, why not spend the time with you on that?

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