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Cocktober contest

Well welcome to cocktober or locktober as some of you might be locked up hehehe. I don’t often run contests but I decided to go ahead and run one for the entire month of cocktober! Everyone is welcome to join in this cocktober contest so don’t be shy!

How do you participate

Well this part is super simple…..Call me. Every time you make a paid call to me your name will be entered into the hat. You can call as much or as little as you like. Text and Skype sessions will be included as well in this contest.

New/returning callers

For those of you who have never called me before or have not called me in the last 6 months I will enter your name in twice for each paid call. This is an incentive for you new to me callers to experience my phone sex style for the first time. And for you returning callers to be reminded of how much fun I am on a call.

What will the winner get?

Well this is the great part….FREE phone sex with me! I will be giving out one free 30 minute session to the winner of my cocktober contest. This is a value of 82.50 and something I don’t ever give out.

When will the winner be announced

I will be announcing who the winner is ( not real name) on November 1st right here on my blog.  Of course the winner will also be notified via e-mail that they have won as well.

Reach out with questions

Now I encourage you all that if you have a question about this contest to reach out to me I respond to all mails within 24 hours of me receiving it. If I don’t respond in 24 hours please re email me as sometimes mails can go to spam. If you want to give me some insight to the type of call you would like to do feel free to fill out and send me my Pre Call Questionnaire right here on my blog


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