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CockTober Contest update

Hey hey hey my Cocktober is going great hope you all are having an awesome month too!!!!! I wanted to take a few minutes to give you all an update on the contest status since we are at the mid way point in the month.

So much kinky phone sex

One thing I wanted . . . → Read More: CockTober Contest update

Phone Sex Confessions

Ya know confession is good for the soul right? Well what is even better is phone sex confessions. Let me explain what they are, a phone sex confession is when you callĀ  and confess something you fantasize about.

Phone Sex confessions of all types

Now not any two phone sex confessions are the same. . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Confessions

Pumpkin Pumper

Are you wondering what this blog is about?? Hahahahaha well take a wild guess….Pumpkin pumper?? If you guessed I had my puppet fuck a pumpkin on a call for me than you would be correct!!!!

Pumpkins are fun

Like most harder fruits/veggies pumpkins can be fun for fucking. What is more fun, fucking your . . . → Read More: Pumpkin Pumper

Denial and cock control with me

I first want to say denial and cock control are not always a given. When you give up control of that cock to me it does not mean it will be denied all the time. It also does not mean you will cum all the time either. Already intrigued….keep reading

giving up control

When . . . → Read More: Denial and cock control with me

How I react and see world events (non kink)

So more tragic news this morning in our country and our world. I thought now might be a great time to explain why I do or well don’t do certain things. Also how I deal with things according to how I see it.

I wont indulge

This goes for just about anything you can . . . → Read More: How I react and see world events (non kink)