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Mean Mistress or Just Plain Fun?

So this week a certain really fucking desperate denied stroker has been calling…and my he is a lot of fun! He likes to jerk that cock and edge for me over and over while being very generous with me at the same time. Well, I will share a bit about what we do, and you tell me if I am a Mean Mistress or just plain old hot fucking fun!

He Comes Sniffing for Me

First, let’s make this totally clear. Everything you read about this horny orgasm edging stroker is all by his doing. At no time do I MAKE him do anything, well, except hold that cum back, hahahaha. It typically starts with an e-mail that contains just this? Once I get that I know he is hard, horny, and already working on that dick. I reply when I can, often making him wait a bit and keep working that dick over for me.

On the Phone

Once he has waited and been put off, and I am sure he is desperate, weak, and oh so horny. I let him call but not before telling dispatch to expect him…and to take their sweet time sending him. Remember, the longer he waits, the hornier he gets and the more likely he will be putty in my hands. Some of you are like Mean Mistress denying him…and some of you are stiff right now reading this!  Once he does finally get to me he is so worked up and ripe he just loves to be teased and edged and worked up over and over. I count every edge because for each edge he owes me….what I won’t come right out and say but take a guess, hahahaha.

Once He Has Edged a Ton

I send him back to be polite to dispatch but again not before reading out loud to them what I say about him coming back. I also have a rule that if I am not told he has done as he should, like being polite and such, I will hang up and make him go back and do it again. Of course, this drives him wild….he begs to be sent back….begs to be denied. Nothing makes me feel better than a horny hand humping stroker say, “Oh Please deny me….oh please send me back to dispatch.” See, told ya he asked for it every single time!

I Have Never Let Him Cum

I would like to add although he always cums it has never been because I gave him permission it is always because he just couldn’t fucking hold it back any longer. I am sure many of you right now are like now this is the totally mean femdom Mistress part…not the stroking and edging hhahaha

Am I a Mean Mistress?

So answer the question am I a mean Mistress? Ruthless or like he likes to say, evil….and of course he also likes to say “fuck you” when he is done, or “you are a fucking bitch,” hahahahah. I always laugh at that. So, mean? Evil? Or am I lots of fucking fun. He probably thinks all of the above but me being mean and evil makes it more fun for him! Can you handle a mean Mistress? Or do we scare you?

Mean Mistress Constance


15 comments to Mean Mistress or Just Plain Fun?

  • princess

    I would never call you a “Mean Mistress”…let alone would i EVER swear at you Goddess! Not even in jest! I don’t feel such disrespect is appropriate for any subbie, and especially wrong for a slave like me. I’m sure it’s only permitted because it amuses you. My feeling is that you are a Mistress who expects, deserves, and commands our complete obedience. You give ZERO F**KS” whatsoever using the word “NO”….And, of course, you expect a subbie to perform as directed for either your pleasure, service or amusement…….Is that mean, heck no……That’s the way it should be!

  • princess


  • First of all, let Me agree with princess and say HOT new photo! Yowza!

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m sure you know My answer to “am I a Mean Mistress?” In short, My reply would be: I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO! And the next time you talk to that wankboy edgepet, throw in a couple of particularly cruel edges in for Me, just on principle, since he likes to cuss people out. Too bad he’s not into CBT. Or . . . is he? *giggle*

  • Florida Slave

    It seems to me that you are giving the caller exactly what he wants, so that is not mean at all!!

  • spotty

    I vote hot Mistress. We have known each other awhile Ms Constance, and I believe you could only be mean to people who deserve it. To me it sounds like you are giving stroker boy and your other callers what they want.

  • bfla

    Mean is in the eye of the horny stroker…. I couldn’t ever call it mean if you are giving him exactly what he wants. On the other hand if you both want to call it mean, then it’s mean. Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to me.

  • edgeforHer

    Sounds like just plain mean fun to me… the longer the denial – the better! right Ms. C?

    • Constance

      fuck ya and as far as I am concerned stroke till your arm falls off I will not be giving ya permission to cum no fucking way I love the way you react to the denial mmmmmmm

  • edgeforHer

    oh please Ms. C why would would you make me edge over and over and over? Why do you continue to deny me and keep me on that extreme edge?

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