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Chastity + October = Locktober

So here we are the last day of September and ready to head into the cooler months for many and of course locktober! As my title states chastity + October =locktober and here is your chance to be cock locked by Constance

Have you ever tried chastity?

If you are one of those guys . . . → Read More: Chastity + October = Locktober

Come join the fun tonight

I know it has been posted in several places but I wanted all of my amazing blog followers to know about tonight as well. Pets on Parade hosted by Ms Vivian will be happening and oh what fun it will be.

Ms Vivian has a new pet

No not the kind you leash and . . . → Read More: Come join the fun tonight

Hand fucking jerk off toy

Oh my title got your attention didn’t it you hand fucking jerk off toy! I know who you are no sense in trying to deny it. You are the guy who is constantly jerking that dick wishing it was a pussy wrapped around it.

Hand fucking what is it

Well just how is sounds, . . . → Read More: Hand fucking jerk off toy

random thoughts about lots of things

It has not been that long since I posted a random thoughts blog but I have had a ton of things going on lately and have lots of random thoughts because of it….lucky you all hahahaha

I am another year older…..I think I am getting better with time……but fuck if I know

Irma fucked . . . → Read More: random thoughts about lots of things

Mean Mistress or Just Plain Fun?

So this week a certain really fucking desperate denied stroker has been calling…and my he is a lot of fun! He likes to jerk that cock and edge for me over and over while being very generous with me at the same time. Well, I will share a bit about what we do, and . . . → Read More: Mean Mistress or Just Plain Fun?