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Random thoughts…you’re welcome hahaha

I have not done a random thoughts blog in a while….I went out last night to hang with friends, and I have a few random thoughts about that as well as other randomness LOL enjoy

I wonder how many of the men in the bar I was at last night were wearing panties? I bet several.

Why did that chick get such BIG fake tits…..and why did she keep walking past us over and over for no apparent reason?

I wonder if she would let me bite her titties?

I wonder why the guy who was outside hitting on me really thought he had a chance?

Creepy guys should not hit on women in a creepy way….and at least shower before going out geesh!

Yes, I wore shorts and a tank to the bar……why? It was fucking hot…..if I look good enough to eat but don’t want you to eat me too bad!

Why do some guys think a woman blowing them off in a nice way is an invitation to keep hitting on them?

I wonder what Mr. Creepy would have done if I kicked him in his balls.

Man, it is so fucking hot in florida…..ya I know totally random but fuck me it is super hot.

Why does a guy who was hanging out with my group not remember all the creepy things he used to do….but remembers rollerblading to the bar?

Why would someone in their late 50’s still enjoy being a male slut and be like proud of it? Okay, maybe I know the answer to this one. hahaha

When will it get cooler in Florida? Cause if you didn’t know it is FUCKING HOT!

I wonder if Ms. Molly is hot and if she is not wearing any clothes because of the heat……I need to ask her that!

I wonder how many of you are going what the fuck Constance you’re a nut job woman!

Okay, that’s enough random stuff for me for now…..have a great day and stay cool out there people.

Random silly picture to go with my Random silly thoughts


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