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Are you finding it hard….

No no no not your dick silly! Have you been finding it hard to connect with me when I am logged in for calls? That is the questions because let’s face it; you should be hard when thinking of me!

Life is hectic

Right now I have several things that keep pulling me away from normal log in times. This does not mean I am not here nor available it just means I am harder to reach when logged in. Oh and trust me if I could make things less hectic I sure as fuck would.

You need me

Well if this is the case reach out to me mail me this is the best way to guarantee you will reach me. If I do not respond in 24 hours, it means I didn’t see your mail, and it went to spam so feel free to ask the ladies of live help to poke me and look for it.

Set up an appointment

This one is easy,  mail me with the day/time you would like to speak, and if it is at all possible, I will be here for it.  Never think you are bothering me or that I am far too busy. Yes, I am busy but never ever too busy for some phone sex fun.

No more excuses

Now you have no excuse as to why we have not spoken you can reach out to me set something up. Yes I can do evenings and nights as long as it is not too late at night…NO I still won’t do mornings you wouldn’t like me in the morning, or well I won’t like you in the morning hahaha because I don’t like anyone or anything in the morning!

More ways to reach out to me

Tweet me @MissConstance

Skype EmpressConstance1

Tumblr  Click here

Facebook Click here


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