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kink diary

So today I will share something I have been doing with a few people that I thought is a great and cool idea…a kink diary. What is this you ask? Well just as it says a diary of the kink they are doing or thinking about. A daily rundown of what happened kink wise . . . → Read More: kink diary

Hand Humping during the Hurricane

I woke up this morning seeing the news about hurricane Harvey and what a cunt he is to those poor people over in Texas. I know all too well about storms living in Florida, so I am thinking of you all. I also know several of my fans live in Texas so I do . . . → Read More: Hand Humping during the Hurricane

Two Mistress Phone Sex friends

So recently and well pretty much all the time I am asked who do I enjoy playing with on the phone during a two mistress phone sex session. My short answer is everyone……but I thought today I could break it down and choose a few of my go-to ladies to share with. . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Phone Sex friends

Eclipse and Orgasms

So unless you have been living under a rock you should know today we will have a total solar eclipse. I do not plan to spend much time checking it out myself perhaps during the full coverage I will check it out. But what I will be doing is taking phone sex calls lucky . . . → Read More: Eclipse and Orgasms

Sex positions and what I enjoy

So you all wanted to hear more about my sex life. So I am going to share with you some of the sex positions I enjoy the most when with a lover. Please keep in mind if you don’t have a big dick no matter what the position I won’t enjoy it hahaha after . . . → Read More: Sex positions and what I enjoy