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Eclipse and Orgasms

So unless you have been living under a rock you should know today we will have a total solar eclipse. I do not plan to spend much time checking it out myself perhaps during the full coverage I will check it out. But what I will be doing is taking phone sex calls lucky . . . → Read More: Eclipse and Orgasms

Sex positions and what I enjoy

So you all wanted to hear ore about my sex life. So I am going to share with you some of the sex positions I enjoy the most when with a lover. Please keep in mind if you don’t have a big dick no matter what the position I wont enjoy it hahahaha after . . . → Read More: Sex positions and what I enjoy

25 Kinky Questions

So today I think I will use my blog to ask all of you some kinky questions all the questions will be yes or no and you all can feel free to reply in the comments section with your answers.

Have you ever had anal sex giving or receiving? Have you ever wanted anal . . . → Read More: 25 Kinky Questions

Fucking Vs Making love and my needs

So we all know that person who says it is not fucking it is making love…..queue the eye roll here. I get it the making love people I understand but there are people in this world who just wanna fuck. I am one of them…..if you say I want to make love you I . . . → Read More: Fucking Vs Making love and my needs

what do you want to read about

So anyone who has followed me over the years knows I can talk and write blogs about so many different kink topics. I often share about recent calls or callers and even my real life experiences.  Now why I am writing this blog….I have hit a writers block of sorts and want to hear . . . → Read More: what do you want to read about