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The power of 0

I know many are of you are wondering what power does the number 0 have? Well from a denied mans perspective it has a ton of power Read on to see what I am talking about

Denied and wanting to cum

There is always that time in a denial period for a man where he thinks he cant go on any further. He must cum or go insane. All the support and talking to his orgasm controller has not helped. He feels he cant go on any further until you remind him that cumming will reset the denial clock back to 0. When he stops to think about how far he has gone and how amazing it has been the number 0 can fuck with him to the point he simply does not want to reset that denial clock.

0 the mind fuck of it

Imagine this you have been locked in chastity for 30 days….you are aching and ready to cum but then you think oh it will go back to 0 and you start to think I can go longer. You being to mind fuck yourself on how long it has been how you can go even longer and how those high numbers are so much more rewarding than 0.

Close to a denial goal

This also happens to those who have denial goals and a set time to be able to cum. They get close to the day excited anticipating an amazing orgasm. They look at how long they have been denied and then think oh no it will have to start all over again once I cum. Many of you choose to remain denied rather than have that orgasm even though you had a goal.

Push yourself avoid that 0

Now if you are into orgasm denial of any type I want you to push yourself. Think about the number you are at and remind yourself the number 0 is nothing. You don’t want to go back to 0 you want to make your denial number higher and higher. I will help you reach your denial goals and avoid you ever saying I am back at 0.


13 comments to The power of 0

  • Princess

    I don’t want to go back to Zero…. I wish that I never had to! If only the denied days could go on and on … and ON! But I don’t know if I am strong enough …. perhaps with your help we could limit my ‘resets’ to a very small number…. maybe instead of resetting to zero after an unlock, we could instead reset the number of unlocks to ZERO! I wonder if I could handle it?

    • Constance

      Ohh you are at a big fat zero now and I love how you want the denial to go on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn I love it and I am always here to help you stay there hehehe

  • chrissy

    0 is such an empty, disappointing number, on a couple of levels, it feels like a lot of hard work has been wasted, and worse, it makes me feel i have failed my Mistress. Having been there on a number of occasions i know how depressing it can be to reset to 0. The thought of that provides tremendous incentive to keep going.

  • princess

    I hate the reset, I wish i were strong enough to just let chastity go on and on and ON!…..perhaps one day we can set the number of rests to Zero, instead of allowing unlocks to set the chastity days to zero…..if you think i can handle it Goddess

  • princess

    I had to write again in more detail….I keep coming back to this post because it has left me feeling the conflicting desires to be released and stroke VS. the need to stay in chastity longer….i mean much longer than the 102 days I am required to now (96 left now)….The idea of being locked for 250 days ….until February 20th….2018. Comes to mind a lot….but i don’t know if i could make it. Being locked for 102 days last year was so difficult! I would need help, teasing, inspiration, , more humiliation! A LOT of humiliation from you and other Mistresses to keep me in my place and locked…..That chastity reset you spoke of is compelling me to try for even longer periods in service….and as crazy as it sounds…..I want You to shrink that clitty even more!

    I’m interested in your thoughts Goddess

  • Florida Slave

    Mistress, I think two of your favorite numbers are “zero” (when it comes to an orgasm count for one of your subs), and “9” (as in the length of inches you like a cock to be!!!! 🙂

  • bfla

    Indeed the power of 0 can be a very powerful motivator. You know me; I’m a numbers guy and seeing those edge tallies go higher and higher between orgasms is always a thrill for me, knowing how much it means to my mistress. And it’s funny — when she determines over a period of time when I have orgasms and don’t, there’s never a 100% happy or sad ending. If she denies me I’m frustrated as hell, but glad to be pushing the limits for her. And if she lets me cum, well it feels amazing, but like you said, I’m starting all over again. Very enjoyable post!

    • Constance

      thank you for sharing and yes you are indeed a numbers guy and the higher the number the more motivated and hot it gets and I get the whole happy and sad thing totally get it…..but starting all over can be fun too and watching those numbers climb again mmmmmmmm

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