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Spanking Slut oh how I love them!

Well well well what a week it has been for me and a couple of spanking sluts! Not just spanking that ass for me but in front of a couple of my favorite fellow Mistresses on 2 Mistress calls! Needless to say we all love a good spanking slut!

Spanking Slut Princess

First up . . . → Read More: Spanking Slut oh how I love them!

Help Celebrate the cock

Well today is a big day for Enchantrix Land….today we are having a cock radio marathon!!!! Why are we doing this? Well it is the 10th anniversary of cock radio so of course we had to have a party!!!!

The marathon starts at 12 pm eastern and each hour during the marathon a different . . . → Read More: Help Celebrate the cock

Cuckold myths busted

Some people upon hearing a man likes being a cuckold jump to conclusions about that that means exactly. I am going to bust some of those preconceived cuckold myths.

All cuckolds are coerced into it

This is a cuckold myth that is simply not even close to reality. In my experience the men crave . . . → Read More: Cuckold myths busted

The power of 0

I know many are of you are wondering what power does the numberĀ 0 have? Well from a denied mans perspective it has a ton of power Read on to see what I am talking about

Denied and wanting to cum

There is always that time in a denial period for a man where he . . . → Read More: The power of 0

Unplugged day 6/17

Just a quick not letting you all know I am unplugged today all day so no mails tweets and such will be replied too till tomorrow so that means don’t hammer me with them either hahahaha just be patient and I shall be back


as always you can check out my audios and . . . → Read More: Unplugged day 6/17